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Save a copy of system upgrade packages Install
Software Update has a 'Save As...' command that will let you save packages to a location on your hard drive- quick and easy if your install fails for some reason, or if you want to be able to install across networked machines without spending the time downloading it from Apple's website [if the file has even been posted] or the software update system. The function will be greyed out until the installation is completed, and you must choose to save the upgrade before you quit Software Update.

[Editor's note: This hint has been adjusted to reflect the much easier way of saving upgrades as discussed in the comments below. The original long technical way of accomplishing the same thing is listed in the remainder of the article.]

Here's an alternate method of saving the upgrade package. As it is downloading, find the updatefile.pkg.tar via the terminal in ~/Library/Caches/Software Update Cache/a/bunch/of/subdirs/ etc. For example, mine was in:
~Library/Caches/Software Update Cache/
(broken onto two lines for a narrower article)

You may need to put quotes around "Software Update Cache", that is:

>cd "Software Update Cache"

Once located, make a hard link to the file and place it in some other directory (on the same partition). Example:
ln updatefile.pkg.tar ~/myupdateherdlinked.pkg.tar
Once the update has completed, it will delete the tar file ... but since there is a hard link the actual 30MB file is still there in ~/myupdateherdlinked.pkg.tar
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SW Update fun
Authored by: bigdog on Dec 21, '01 02:58:17PM

I've already submitted this as a hint but it seems relevant enough to post-

In software update, you can actually save a downloaded update by going to the Update menu and selecting 'Save As...'. You'll be prompted with a standard dialog, and the saved file will be UpdateName.pkg.

Worked great for me; the 10.1.2 update decided to give up about halfway through. I was able to save the pkg and start over.


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Or, you can just...
Authored by: mspring on Dec 21, '01 03:13:22PM

...Choose "Save As..." from the "Update" menu in Software Update. That's *far* easier. :p

It will be greyed out until after the install has completed, and you must exercise the option to save it *before* you quit Software Update- the file gets deleted when you quit. If there are multiple updates in the window, you just need to click on the one you want prior to choosing "Save As..."

To be fair, this feature didn't arrive until somewhere around 10.1.


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re: Or, you can just...
Authored by: mspring on Dec 21, '01 03:16:21PM

Oh well. Bigdog posted while I was writing my comment. So I figured that I'd just go ahead and add to my lameness by replying to my own post.

Happy holidays, all...


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Save updates
Authored by: almaink on Dec 22, '01 11:56:15PM

If you look in the Library/Receipts folder you will find the .Pkgs files of all installed updates.

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Update again ?
Authored by: Jinx on Jan 05, '02 09:55:03AM

i forgot to save the OSx 10.1.2 updater before i quit.
i noticed that since i had moved some apps (mail etc) out of their original folders they did not get updated as they should.
how can i download the updater again ?

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Save updates
Authored by: kenc on May 31, '02 12:46:59PM

The items in /Receipts are NOT the full installers. Very confusing.
They do serve to track what is installed and might be used by later

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Be careful....
Authored by: khaled on Dec 25, '01 03:32:15AM

Hi all,

this tip works great unless you rename the saved file, then it won't work. I usually burn these updates on a CD for future use, but I renamed all my packages so they look neat and now none of them work. I've verified this with the MacOS X 10.1.2 update, so be careful.... anyone knows why ?

Take care and Merry Christmas

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