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Run two FinalCut Pro3 applications at once Desktop
I read this on the newsletter, and am passing it on with the permision of Michael Horton of LAFCPUG.
This week's Tip/Trick comes from VP/Tech Support at Promax, Cawan Starks who not only knows verything about Mac hardware but can hold 2 dual 800s over his head for 13 minutes without breaking a sweat.

"After doing some experimenting in OSX I found it is possible to install FCP3.0 twice on the same machine. So you might be asking why would one want to do that? Well, to really take advantage of the dual processor capability of OSX. Now it's possible to render in one project while cutting video in another. So now you can simultaneously have two FCP 3.0 applications open at the same time. Who would have thought the day would come that you can still cut video while you render in the background. Note: This can only be achieved on dual processor machines using OSX."
The trick is actually quite simple -- you can apparently just install the application twice in two separate locations, and launch each instance.

[Editor's note: I don't have a copy of FCP3 to test this with, but if someone wanted to buy me a boxed copy, I'd get right on the testing regime! :-)]
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Nothing new
Authored by: sjonke on Dec 21, '01 11:52:32AM

Since as far back as I can remember you were able to make a copy of an application in the Finder and run the copy to have two copies running at the same time.

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Yes but
Authored by: greggomer on Dec 21, '01 05:50:44PM

With Final cut pro, in the past, you weren't able to do anything while it was rendering. Instead, it would lock up your system by using virtually all of the resources.

With FCP 3 and OS X you can now do other things while it renders or captures, like checking email, or surfing the web. Unfortunatley you still can't keep workin in FCP while it renders. So, this is quite significant, as it will let you continue working in FCP, while a project or scene renders.

Very cool!



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Nothing new
Authored by: brentkeane on Nov 11, '03 11:12:44PM

I'm running Panther and when I try to open 2 of the same app simultaneously I get this error "You cannot open the application "iTunes copy" because another user has it open." any suggestions? I'd like to be able to have 2 copies open so I can can have them going to two different output sources.

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Copy CD
Authored by: Embro on Dec 21, '01 04:17:18PM

Yes, but does anyone know how to make a backup of the CD. Diskcopy won't copy it and either will Toast P2. Even a stand alone disk duplicator won't work.

It now requires the CD be inserted when serializing it.

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Copy CD
Authored by: silverghost on Dec 21, '01 05:59:39PM

huh, dont you just have to reinstall maybe in another place(partition).
not to sure if ya gotta go to the trouble of making a new cd.


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Copy CD
Authored by: greggomer on Dec 21, '01 08:03:18PM

Yah, to get two versions running, you just install it twice into two diffrent folders. You won't need to copy the CD.

If you want to Copy the CD for Backup then I don't know about that. I know Apple went to a lot of trouble to keep this version more secure.

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He wants to do it because...
Authored by: Xeo on Jan 08, '02 08:17:57AM

He probably wants to do it for the same reasons I did it with Starcraft. If you use a CD often enough, you run the risk of ruining it. With my iBook, the CD would get so scratched after me putting it in and taking it out that I was very greatful to have been using a copy. In the last 3 years I've gone through several copies of Starcraft but the originals are still intact.

Trust me, it's worth the $0.50.

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