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An alternative free desktop calendar Apps
PandoCalendar is a really cool little application that I just discovered that's now replacing my DekstopCalendar. It offers a lot more features, but unfortunately lacks the option to use the alpha channel as a background and hide the dock icon, since it's not an OS X native app.

Apart from that, it actually has lots of useful features that DesktopCalendar doesn't have, including the ability to attach notes and reminders to days so that you're reminded of important upcoming events (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

It also allows for color-coded labels and works great for scheduling out the days that you work if you don't stick to the Monday-Friday working schedule.

I'm finding this nifty little application very useful and practical.

[Editor's note: I have no experience with PandoCalendar, but thought it might be of some level of general interest.]
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Christian Propaganda
Authored by: Chas on Dec 18, '01 08:54:52PM

As a non-christian, I am always offended by unnecessary christian propaganda, these fanatics seem to put the stuff everywhere, even in an about box. So it's time to post a small lesson in erasing the bible-thumping in the PandoCalendar about box. For this tip, you'll need the Developer Tools installed.

Locate the app, and control-click on it and select Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents/Resources. Double click on About.nib, it should launch in Interface Builder. A panel will appear, under the tab labeled Instances you should see an icon labeled About. Double click on that, and a layout diagram of the About Box will appear. Click once on the text block and "handles" will appear, just hit delete and the text will disappear. Click on the second block and delete that one too. Then you can use the lower right resize handle to shrink the box to a more reasonable size (stop when you see a blue dotted line, that's the minimum size to preserve the other elements). Command-S will save the changes, and quit.

Voila, no more bible thumping! And in the process, you learned a little bit about how easy it is to modify application resources in Interface Builder.

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Christian Propaganda
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Dec 18, '01 09:23:58PM

I tried this program back when I was running OS 8.6 and stopped using it the first time the box popped up on Sunday with a Bible quote. I don't care what other people's religions are, but I disapprove of forcing it on others! It's a shame too, because they are OK programs. Does the OS X version still do this?

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Sunday bible quotes?!?!!!
Authored by: Chas on Dec 18, '01 11:43:21PM

I set my system clock to Sunday, and yes indeed, it spewed bible quotes. I had no idea the program did this. When I first tried this app in MacOS 9, I hit the About Box and I threw it in the trash immediately, so I never knew.

I am prepared to spend a bit of time hacking this program to remove the bible quotes, just to thwart this idiot's stealth-prosletyzing scheme. It appears the quotes are hardcoded, it may be impossible to prevent the popup but it might be possible to replace them with something less offensive if they're in plaintext in a resource somewhere. But this hack is going to be tougher. I think I'll just throw it in the trash, where it belongs.

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Christian Propaganda
Authored by: jburch on Dec 18, '01 10:52:12PM

THANK YOU for this hint! I stopped using this program long ago for the same reason. To me, this kind of nag-ware is an example why I don't like these "kind of" Christians. Keep your laws off my body, would you? So since it is, actually, a good program and you've provided a, err, hack... I'll give it a shot again.

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Christian Propaganda
Authored by: baron on Dec 18, '01 11:45:43PM's a thought....if you don't like it, don't use it! I'm sure there are plenty of athiest programmers kicking out software for your computing pleasure. Go find it. Or better yet, learn how to program and put all the anti-christian propaganda you desire in your about box.

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No way to remove all bible quotes
Authored by: Chas on Dec 19, '01 01:32:54AM

I did some extensive exploring, and what I found really REALLY irritates me. The vast majority of this application is bible quotes, this app could be about 200k but it's 1.7Mb of mostly bible quotes. This is sheer bloatware at its worst, the bloat adds no function at all, but merely serves to promote the author's christian agenda.

If anyone is interested in exploring, you will need "ResConv" to change the data files into resources. Download it at:
Start by converting the file PandoCalendar/Resources/PandoCalendar.rsrc into a MacOS 9 style resource file. Then you need to open the converted file in a resource editor. I used Resourcerer, which ran (mostly) OK in Classic, you could use ResEdit but I couldn't get that to run in Classic. Open up the "csfc" resource, open each resource (1001 through 1012) individually, select all the contents of that resource, then delete. Do that for each resource, resave, use ResConv to convert back to PandoCalendar.rsrc, drop it back into the place in the bundle where it belongs.
Change the date on your system to any sunday, and launch PandoCalendar. Now the bible quotes do not appear.. about 90% of the time. Ooh this app is persistent, it still pops up quotes about one launch in 10.
I poked around further, it appears that there is a deeply buried activity of religious proselytizing on Easter, as well as a huge section of bible quotes in the file Pandocalendar/Contents/MacOS/PandoCalendar, but I haven't successfully edited this yet. It might yield to another resource conversion and resedit, but I haven't tried it yet.

At this time, I can only say that if you dislike being whacked on the head with a bible every sunday and every easter, you should just avoid this program, it is not worth it. But if you are a weak-willed christian who can only sustain your shaky faith by being bombarded with out-of-context bible sayings, this is just the program for you.

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