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3D animated system utilization in the dock Apps
I received an email this morning pointing me towards a little application called X3 from Jake's Software. X3 is an interesting demonstration of the dock's ability to display animated information. Rather than trying to come up with a description of what X3 does, here's the blurb from Jake's page:
X3 is an application that visualizes the system performance in the form of a realtime rotating 3D-object in the Dock. It is designed to use very little memory and processor cycles so you can keep it running all the time.
I recorded a very brief QuickTime movie of X3 in action so you can get an idea of how it works. In addition to the icon shown in the animation, there are about eight others to choose from, in either wireframe or solid models.

On my G4/350, X3 averages between 3% and 8% CPU usage, peaking at about 18%, according to 'top'. However, I can tell it's running during some operations (such as typing in this text box). Lowering the animation's frames per second from 20 to 10 greatly reduces this effect.

I doubt I'll run X3 all the time, as I usually keep my dock hidden and like to keep my CPU free for other stuff, but it is fun to watch the animation speed change as the system load varies. Definitely not the most mission-critical application of 2001, but well worth the two minutes it took to download and test.
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X3 rocks
Authored by: clmensch on Dec 17, '01 07:51:16PM

I've been using X3 for a few weeks now. It's awesome. Sure, it's eye candy, but it does provide me with useful information concerning CPU cycles. However, it does use a nice chunk of the processor...the best I could optimize it while not using wireframe models was ~10% on my TiBook 550/1gb. However, OSX is good about relinquishing control to other processes, so it only really affects my performance when doing more intensive tasks like ripping mp3's in iTunes or playing large quicktime movies...and even then it's hardly noticeable.

I don't, however, recommend using it with Virtual PC. ;-)

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Authored by: bhines on Dec 18, '01 09:13:45PM

My system (dual800) is always at 200% usage, per top. That's because i am always running dnetc. ( client)

It really does not cause any noticeable effect on the OS since it runs at very low priority. If you system is only using 8% you really should consider running it in the background.

I've even played Alice and other games with dnetc going. Did not even notice.

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