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View your system update history System
In another example of overlooking the obvious, Jim C. pointed me at the Show Log... button in the Software Update system prefs panel. This gives you a nicely formatted list of all your software update activity, including what was installed (name and version), when it was installed, and whether the install was or was not successful.

A click on a column heading will change the sort field, and you can reverse the sort order with the small triangle. So, for example, you can sort the list by Name and see all updates to any given app, or sort by Date to see what's happened chronologically. Viewing my log chronologically, I see a total of 15 updates since May 1st, all but one of them successful - the first try at IE 5.1.1 failed for some reason.

I'd been browsing the /Library/Receipts folder to find this information, and all this time it was a simple button-press away. Sometimes, it seems I overlook the obvious in search of the obscure! Thanks, Jim!
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Viewing update history vs. installations
Authored by: MtnBiker on May 17, '02 01:53:17PM

I tried this hint expecting to see all installed "programs" (quoted because I don't know what else to call these bits and pieces), but it only shows software updates. This isn't surprising on reflection, but the reference to /Library/Receipts led me to think that everything would show up.

Still a useful hint, one just has to realize the difference. For example, one of my receipts is for "DevTools.pkg" which to me seems like a system update/modification.

Which brings up a bigger question. Do you have a repository of hints on where everything is in OS X? Receipts being one, Explorer Favorites, caches, start-ups at launch being others. As a start, the things we were used to in OS 9, and then all the others that we may want to check or delete. Also, which ones can be deleted and with what consequences (from "will be rebuilt at boot or launch, " lose history, but app will function fine, to "what the @!#$%^&* have I done to my computer? Help!")

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View your system update history
Authored by: jerrykrinock on Mar 21, '12 09:59:10AM

There is no "Logs" button in Mac OS 10.7. Click the "Installed Software" tab instead. Note that, by default, they're sorted by date.

Anyhow, still a great tip!

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View your system update history
Authored by: tonyfirshman on Nov 14, '12 12:42:56PM

"Click the "Installed Software" tab instead. "

Not in 10.8.2 (8-(#
I am still searching!

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View your system update history
Authored by: tonyfirshman on Nov 14, '12 12:54:29PM

Found it under "System Information => Installations".
Quick load is open the 'Apple' icon dropdown, press alt, and "About This Mac" becomes "System Information".

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