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Run X and Classic Explorers simultaneously Apps
If you've ever tried to run the Classic and OS X versions of Internet Explorer at the same time, you'll find that it doesn't work. There was some discussion on Omni's OS X Talk mailing list the other day about this problem, and the answer came down to the fact that both IE's use the same creator code. So when you launch one version, the OS then prevents you from launching the other. Zachery Bir came up with a quick command-line fix for the problem (assuming you have the Dev Tools installed):
  % cd /Applications (Mac OS 9)/Internet Explorer 5/
% /Developer/Tools/Setfile -c MIEC Internet Explorer
Of course, you could also use one of the GUI tools to change the creator code on IE5/Classic. You simply have to change it to something that isn't in use by another program; Zachery chose "MIEC" and that seemed to work fine.

I would use some caution with this tip if, like me, you use an alias of bookmarks for one IE in both X and OS 9. I'm not too sure how the system would handle trying to share a bookmark file if two different apps both wanted it open for potential write access -- anyone know?
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IE favorites also work for iCab
Authored by: JazzDude on Dec 15, '01 03:23:57PM
I aliased the IE favorites file to the iCab preferences folder (renaming the alias to "Hotlist.html") - now I can access and update the bookmarks in both browsers. In fact, I also aliased the file to the prefs folder on my OS 9 partition, effectively using the same bookmarks file with four different browsers. Sadly, this doesn't work with OmniWeb or Opera.

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IE favorites also work for iCab
Authored by: Peganthyrus on Dec 15, '01 04:06:13PM

Be careful when attempting to alias your favorites. Some time ago, I tried making IE/X's favorites an an alias to my favorites for IE/9; when I started up IE/X it failed to acknowledge the alias' existance, so wrote out its default favorites file. Which <i>did</i> deal with the alias properly, so it over-wrote my original favorites file!

Luckily I'd been playing with OmniWeb and had copied off my favorites to it, so I had a backup.

It works if your IE favorites under 9 is an alias to your IE/X favorites, but <i>not</i> the other way around.

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