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New keyboard shortcuts in Office v.X Apps
As a heavy Office user, one of the hardest things to get used to in Office v.X is the changes made to keyboard shortcuts that had become ingrained over the last few years. For example, command-H, which used to be "Replace...", is now given up to OS X for "Hide". And in Excel, command-K used to cut the selected rows or columns; now it brings up a hyperlink dialog.

Thankfully, Microsoft did a good job of re-assigning the shortcuts to semi-familiar positions. Although you won't see it in the menu, you can use control-H to bring up the replace dialog, and control-K to cut rows or columns. I haven't tested it extensively, but I imagine other "replaced" command-key shortcuts can also be reached with the control key.

If you don't like these keys, of course, you can reassign them yourself using the keyboard editor in the Office apps (eg Tools -> Customize -> Commands tab -> Keyboard... button in Excel).
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But not in Entourage...
Authored by: Loren on Dec 13, '01 10:34:38AM

I finally got used to CMD-K to send a message (after years of using CMD-E) and now it's CMD-Return. Argh!!!

Unfortunately, don't have the same options for keyboard remapping in Entourage. :-(

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cmd-k vs. ctrl-k
Authored by: theodelinda on Dec 13, '01 11:54:44AM

Actually, the switch of ctrl-k for cmd-k happened in Office 2001.

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cmd-k vs. ctrl-k
Authored by: Loren on Dec 13, '01 04:21:15PM

That's what I mean. After years of CMD-E I finally got used to Office 2001's CMD-K, and now with Office X they have changed it again, to CMD-Return.

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Authored by: reverie on Dec 15, '01 03:12:00AM

Man, that really sucks that they're using Control-key combos. Us unix-afficionados are used to thinking of Ctrl-K as the key to kill a line of text, and Ctrl-H as a replacement for backspace on an uncooperative terminal.

Though I must admit, deleting rows and columns is rather similar in intent, and no one really uses Ctrl-H in practice, especially not on a well-behaved system like OS X. Hmmm....

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