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Resize-to-fit all column-view columns Desktop
Here is a handy tip for Finder column view junkies (like myself). If you double click on a column resize widget, all columns will resize to the width of the longest named item in that column. I find this trick especially useful when looking for items with long names that are similar - like Preferences.

[Editor's note: Thousands of hours with OS X, over a thousand tips published here, a guidebook out the door ... and I had never tried this! Amazing ... thanks Buddha!]
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Authored by: ed on Dec 12, '01 11:23:23PM

Nice, usefull trick indeed. And as a bonus there is also an OPTION-key variant: Pressing OPTION key and double-clicking the widget will resize only column of interest (expand or shrink as needed) !

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option double click
Authored by: ashill on Dec 12, '01 11:26:23PM


This may be obvious, but option double clicking seems to resize just that column.

-Alex Hill

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Authored by: mike666 on Dec 12, '01 11:27:54PM

...<Option>+double-click will just resize THAT column. But then you already tried that, right? :) Great tip!

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Authored by: jrothman on Dec 13, '01 03:47:48AM

That's it! The. Best. Hint. Ever.

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Authored by: Tippy on Dec 13, '01 09:21:00AM

Feel dumb but where is this "widget"?

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Widget location...
Authored by: robg on Dec 13, '01 11:48:09AM

At the bottom of each column you'll see two little vertical bars:


That's the widget; it's only visible in column-view mode.


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Widget location...
Authored by: Tippy on Dec 13, '01 07:16:46PM

Thanks a lot. Never would have thought to click on those. I kept looking in the Menu.

It's a good tip because I can see all 4 columns...depending on the width of titled folders.

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Gee... Thanks
Authored by: Buddha on Dec 13, '01 11:43:16AM

I am glad that you all like the hint...

Strangely enough, I never tried it with the option key. THAT is the best hint ever.

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Gee... Thanks
Authored by: Fsckd on Dec 13, '01 01:27:26PM

Any idea how to set the default view on all windows to columns?


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Gee... Thanks
Authored by: Buddha on Dec 13, '01 03:32:00PM

This is actually listed in robg's excellent Mac OS X Guide...

In the finder, simply create a new finder window, set it to column and without selecting or doing anything else, close the window.

Now every new finder window you open should be set to column.

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Gee... Thanks
Authored by: balthisar on Dec 14, '01 09:44:39PM

Wow, that's the BEST tip yet for getting used to this, uh, less than ingenious "Finder" that we have!

Now, if only someone could come up with a way to change the SORT ORDER of things in the column view? You know, order by TYPE, and THEN by NAME, for example?????

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Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 20, '02 06:51:31PM

I'm finding that if I double-click the resizer-grabber thing in the column divider that it only increases the width of the columns by a slight increment. Perhaps this feature has been broken in 10.2.2? I remember using this before and it working right... I actually just did a search to re-read this hint to remember how to do it!

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Resize-to-fit all column-view columns
Authored by: magir on Aug 13, '04 05:00:42AM

Just as a sidenote: Under Panther the option-Key behaviour is inverted, so without option only one column is resized and with option all of them. Still a nice feature.

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Can column-view sort by date?
Authored by: frylock on Jul 29, '05 04:03:29PM

I love column-view, but is there anyway to get it to display by date?

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