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A solution for 10.1.1 energy saver problems System
Ever since I installed the 10.1.1 update on my PB (G4/400, 384 MB RAM), I noticed this weird problem.... When I was logged in (plain vanilla admin type account, NOT root), the system would go into sleep mode after 10 minutes, the amount I set in the Energy Saver prefs panel. No problem. But when my wife was logged in, it would never sleep! (It went to sleep for both of us just fine using 10.1) A peek at her Energy Saver panel showed the same settings that I had established, except they were dimmed, meaning that she couldn't change anything without an admin user & passwd. OK, so I "clicked the lock to make changes," supplied my admin user/pass, moved the sliders around a bit, eventually setting them back to where I wanted them (and where they were originally). Quit System Prefs, and wait for the system to go to sleep.... Never happened. :( The backlight shut itself off, but the HD didn't spin down, and the sleep light never started pulsing.

The only way I could get the system to time out to sleep while she was logged in was to copy the file from /Library/Preferences to the Library/Preferences directory in her home dir. After doing that, the System Prefs window for Energy Saver still looked exactly the same, but the system now goes to sleep for her!

I don't know if this problem is at all common -- I couldn't find any messages anywhere I looked (on several discussion boards) about this particular problem. But I'm glad I found a solution!
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Let Apple know!
Authored by: Another osX User on Dec 12, '01 01:29:22AM

It seems like a simple enough fix. Let apple know about this bug, hopefully the fix will get rolled up into 10.1.2 or .3

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Let Apple know!
Authored by: graphex on Dec 12, '01 11:21:11AM

I've noticed other issues with preferences not being saved in 10.1.1. For example, setting the 'allow remote login' checkbox didn't take effect and I had to modify inetd.config myself. Similarly, my language preference for the time format keeps going back to 24 hours, when I've set it to 12 hours several times.

I hope apple fixes this soon!

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Allow Remote Login
Authored by: blb on Dec 13, '01 11:45:41PM

Just a note, the 'allow remote login' option won't update inetd.conf (I'm guessing you expected telnetd to be enabled?). It enables sshd (as of 10.0.1), which doesn't run through inetd.conf.

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dual G4 500 won't sleep
Authored by: robh on Dec 27, '01 04:52:58PM
My dual G4 500mhz won't go to sleep after the specified time in the energy saving panel. I tried this tip but it didn't help.
The machine will sleep if I select 'sleep' from the Apple menu, but stays awake 24x7 unless forced to sleep.
The 'display sleep' feature has always worked, but not the 'system sleep'.
any ideas ?.
I'm running 10.1.2

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updated info
Authored by: dittrich on Feb 13, '02 12:56:08AM

OK, here's my latest info based on 10.1.2....

The hint I originally posted seemed to work pretty well for a while, and when it stopped working, I would just do a "touch" on the plist file in the user area in order to get the timestamp updated. That would work for a while, but then that stopped working too!

Now my only solution to the "timeout to sleep" not working is to restart my machine. It doesn't seem to want to run for more than a couple weeks without requiring a restart in order to restore the "timeout to sleep" feature. :( On the upside, this is the only reason I ever have to restart!

Oh, and I did tell Apple.... Thanks for the push, "another osx user." :)

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keeps sleeping despite Energy Saving settings
Authored by: bro on Feb 17, '02 10:29:53AM

I've had a related but different problem.. the default sleep settings kept kicking in in the middle of rendering a video, and stopping the process in its tracks. I changed the settings, but they didn't take effect. Logged in as admin and changed them, rebooted.. nada!

Finally set a separate Screen Saver setting in the User section of System Prefs to NEVER, too, and that seems to have done the trick for keeping the system from sleeping, but in fact the screen (and maybe the hd) still goes to sleep. So my videos are getting captured/rendered, but it still seems awfully wrong.

note: I've only had this G4 (10.1.??) for a few weeks (ordered in Dec, delivered in Jan) and have done no tweaking. I've posted this to several forums but haven't gotten any adequate replies -- the best said in essence "there are issues with active processes and sleeping in osx.. may change.."

Can anybody help me understand what's going on here?


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more updated info
Authored by: dittrich on Feb 20, '03 12:45:32PM

I thought I would post my final analysis of this problem, in case anyone else is still having trouble with this issue....

In my case, it turns out that burning a CD with my Firewire Yamaha 20x10x40 would cause my TiBook 400 to get insomnia. Rebooting would cure the problem, but then once I burn a CD again (using iTunes or doing an incremental backup w/Retrospect), insomnia returns.

This problem got fixed in OS X 10.2.4. :)


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