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Quick access to Favorites and OS 9 apps Desktop
Two tips to speed up navigation in OS X:
  1. This tip allows quick and tidy access to files using the AppleScript menubar. It avoids having to go through the Finder to open your Favorites folder and once the item is opened, there is no Finder window left open.

    Simply open the script in Script editor and change the path to that of your Favorites folder (ie "Macintosh HD:Users:your user name:Documents:Library:Favorites"). Save the script into your AppleScript menubar scripts folder (yourdisk:Users:YourName:Library:Scripts) and you now have quick and tidy access to the files in your favorites folder. I also use this script a lot for FTP bookmarks. Just change the referenced folder in the script.

  2. On my PowerBook G3 400Mhz, it takes up to five seconds for the icons to appear in a long pop-up list. This can be annoying if you are used to using the Apple Menu a lot for launching apps. Even with Classic Menu, it seems to take forever. The solution: I created a folder of aliases to my OS 9 Apps folder in the Library:Scripts folder of my user's folder. Now the list of apps pops up really quickly when I select it in the AppleScript menu (this only works if there are no folders in the aliases folder).
Screenshots and downloads for both tips are available here:
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How do I get it in the menubar
Authored by: EphraimWoody on Dec 05, '01 02:12:33PM

I made the modifications, and it runs great from script runner, but I don't have an applescript menu in the menubar, how do I put one there?

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How do I get it in the menubar
Authored by: Pat_Gilmour on Dec 05, '01 02:56:13PM

You can download it here:

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How do I get it in the menubar
Authored by: EphraimWoody on Dec 05, '01 05:03:59PM

Getting there... OK. I have script menu, and it works for many things (I like it!.)
Now I want to put in the aliases (to fake the apple menu) as you suggested.
In /Insiders/Library/Scripts/App_Menu/ I have aliases to a couple of applications - no folders.
The Folder App_Menu shows up in the scriptmenu, but it is empty.

If I put a folder in App_Menu, the folder shows up (properly nested) in the script menu. It's contents do not.

One workaround I can see is to make a half dozen applescripts that do nothing but launch an app and quit, but that seems clumsy. Is there a way to get them to show directly? Thanks - this is very exciting to me.

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How do I get it in the menubar
Authored by: Pat_Gilmour on Dec 06, '01 02:03:51AM

Are you putting OS X app's in there? I think that is the problem - because they are sort of packages and so they look like folders to the script menu.
It is possible to write a script that will launch each script individually but the idea behind the script was to aviod this rather cumbersome approach.
I thin there is a work-round for OS X apps where the script would list all the files that are .app types. If I have time over the next few days I'll take a look at it and repost here and at

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another step toward app menu?
Authored by: brachiator on Dec 05, '01 06:00:20PM

one way might be to write an applescript that would take the name of the highlighted application, and create an applescript that would pass the name of the app to the shell in a launch command (".appname" I think), and place the script it created in the Scripts folder or a subfolder.

Not sure how to write this though...

good luck.

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