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Force Entourage X to use another browser Apps
In Entourage X, clicking on a URL in an email message launched Internet Explorer, even though OmniWeb was my default browser. I couldn't find a preference setting to change this -- if it's there, never mind the following workaround.
  1. In the Finder, go to the Applications folder and temporarily rename Internet Explorer (I just added "xxx" to the end of the name so it became "Internet Explorerxxx").

  2. In Entourage, click on a URL in an email message. It can't find Internet Explorer, so it uses (in my case) OmniWeb instead.

  3. In the Finder, restore the name of Internet Explorer.
Henceforth, Entourage uses OmniWeb instead of IE, and I am happier. One reason, among many, is that OmniWeb has an option to open a new window when another application sends it a URL to open. IE reuses whichever window is frontmost.

[Editor's note: I have not tested this tip; I just installed Office v.X on Sunday, and have not yet launched Entourage. However, regarding IE, there's a prefs setting in Interface Extras where you can specify the behavior of the browser when answering requests from other applications.]
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Authored by: sjonke on Dec 04, '01 10:26:00AM

You mean to tell me that Microsoft Entourage ignores your prefered browser and opens Microsoft Internet Explorer? Shocking!

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New Window in MSIE...
Authored by: jwigdahl on Dec 04, '01 10:31:50AM

Look in MSIE's preferences under "Interface Extras"... there *IS* an option to have it open a new window when another app sends it a URL.

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thanks for the IE tip
Authored by: snoozer on Dec 04, '01 02:46:34PM

Sure enough, there it was in Interface Extras.

And I agree, it's astonishing that MS would force you to their browser! ;)


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thanks for the IE tip
Authored by: Iceberg on Dec 04, '01 05:30:20PM

They don't force you to use IE. On my machine, Entourage respects the choice I made in Internet preferences.

The thing is, though, that the setting seems to revert to IE by itself after some time... My guts blame IE and/or Entourage (something about changing the default to IE whenever one of those application are opened) but I haven't investigated this fully.

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Authored by: kcmac on Feb 18, '02 03:13:01PM

This has always driven me crazy.

Placing the xx after InternetExplorer did not work for me. So instead, I put a space before Internet and that worked.

Oddly enough, it first took me to iCab even though Omni Web was my preferred browser in my prefs. Simply changed back to Omni, then tried it and it worked! Then I took the space out of the IE title and no more IE!


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Force Entourage X to use another browser
Authored by: sabdal on Oct 31, '03 11:40:31PM

Argh. Bad recommendation. Now my Internet Explorer is permanently renamed. I can't get it to go back to the old name for some reason (privileges, apparently).

Better advice - change the SYSTEM SETTINGS under "internet" to change the default browser for the entire computer. That will change it for Entourage as well.

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