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Move files in one column-view window Desktop
With the new Finder, some things are different in OS X. Let's say you're copying files within the Finder. Most people would say that you need two Finder windows open. However, you don't neccessarily, which is nice (at least for me since I like it as "clean" as possible).

Okay, let's suppose you're in column view in your Documents folder. You just created a new folder inside the Docs folder for Recipes. Now you wish to move all your recipes lying around in the Doc folder into that new folder. It can be tedious to move them from one Finder window to another or to make the column terribly long or to drag the item along the scroll bar to move up or down.

Just select the target folder (one click). It'll show up to the right (its content, that is). Now select the doc you wish to move and drop it to the right. You only have to make sure that you don't actually click the doc (or any item), but keep the mouse button down and only release it over the open folder to the right. So, very often, you'll just need one Finder window.

[Editor's note: You can traverse as far up the hierarchy as you can see using this method. Grab a file from three columns back and drag it into the far right column to move it there. Or release it on any of the folders displayed in the in-between columns. This is much harder to describe than to actually do, so just experiment a little bit to see how it works.]
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Another way to move files
Authored by: efoivx on Dec 01, '01 01:12:39PM

Also keep in mind, I know us being mac users we are not used to this method, BUT you can navigate to the folder of items you are looking to move, select the items you want to move and hit copy, move to the folder you want to move the items to and hit paste, presto you have moved the files to the new location in one window. You do need to go back and delete the originals though. You can't hit copy and then delete the originals and then paste.


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My favorite method
Authored by: mithras on Dec 01, '01 01:32:17PM

To move a group of files to a (usually far away) folder, I do this:
1. Navigate to the destination folder.
2. Drag the destination folder onto the toolbar.
3. Navigate to the files.
4. Drag the files onto the folder in the toolbar.

(you might keep the destination folder around on the toolbar, or drag it off...)

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Use the button bar!
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 01, '01 02:11:48PM

Use the button bar!
To copy files to, lets say ~/Documents I drag ~/Documents to the button bar, go to the location of the files I want to copy or move, drag them over the ~/Documents icon in the button bar and remove this button again (drag it from th bar using the command key) while the files are being copied.

Quite handy!

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Use Copy and Paste !
Authored by: cram on Dec 01, '01 05:36:07PM

The usual commands "Copy" and "Paste" (Command-C and Command-V) work perfectly in the finder (at least in 10.1 and above). You can copy (or cut) files and paste them directly elsewhere... This was existing for a long time in Windows, but was really missing from Mac OS

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more than you can see...
Authored by: msteiger on Dec 03, '01 03:38:28AM

You get even farther up and down the hierarchy as you can see. Say you are up five levels from your Harddisk but you have your window set to show you only three columns. Drag a folder or file to the left border of your finder window and it will "slide" to the right, while you are getting deeper down the hierarchy. Sometimes I find it a bit difficult to get the "point" where the whole thing starts moving (having the turbo.mouse.kext installed). This also works when you have many files or folders in one column and you would have to scroll up or down.

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