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DVD Player update available now System
Based on a blurb in an email I received, I asked Software Update to check for new software. As expected (thanks to the email!), I saw that the "DVD Player Update" was available. This 15.2mb download "delivers improved performance and stability, as well as support for Blue and White Power Mac G3 and Power Mac G4 systems with PCI-based graphics." [According to the blurb in Software Update panel]

So for all of you who have been using the hacked DVD player on your Blue & White's, check your Software Update!

I won't have a chance to test this until later tonight ... anyone have any feedback on performance yet?
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DVD Player update available now | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Hardware Decoder
Authored by: balthisar on Nov 29, '01 09:28:28PM

Are those the machines that had the hardware decoder, and thus had been left in the dust?
If so, does this update make the PowerBook (Bronze) finally work? I just HAVE to know (can't wait to get home to try it).

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Hardware Decoder
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 29, '01 11:07:47PM

The B&W G3s have a Rage 128, yet it only has a PCI bus. So Apple cannot use the old excuse that its DVD Player software only runs on machines with AGP. But the update still does support not support older machines that have the Rage Pro. So no Lombard, no Wallstreet, no Gossamer, and a few other older machines (can't Apple hasn't fully supported their own machines that are only 2-3 years old!)

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Hardware Decoder
Authored by: batmanppc on Nov 30, '01 11:23:12AM

I guess one needs to either complain their head off or wait. People with PCI G4s were moaning and groaning and now look.

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Works Great!
Authored by: cowboy on Nov 29, '01 11:43:13PM

The DVD update works great for me in my B&W 450 with a retail PCI Radeon. It seems to use less cpu than the hacked version. Anyone else notice this?

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Nice in my G4, too...
Authored by: robg on Nov 30, '01 01:40:09AM

Tried it on both a G4/350 (AGP) and G4/733, and it's nice ... CPU utilization is definitely improved in this version.

Most important, they didn't break the ability to take screen grabs with NVidia cards! I kept the old version around just in case that happened.


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DVD Player 3.0.1 works on Beige G3
Authored by: johnblommers on Nov 30, '01 12:15:34AM
Apples DVD Player 3.0.1 works on my Beige G3, made more studly thus:
- Radion PCI Macintosh Edition
- Dr. Bott DVIator
- Apple Cinema Display (22-inch model) (1600x1024) LCD
- 768MB RAM (3 256MB PC133 DIMMs)
- Sonnet Crescendo G4/500 ZIF CPU upgrade
- Mac OS 10.1.1

DVD Player 3.0.1 plays "The Matrix" at full resolution full screen and consumes only 75% of the CPU. This rocks the house! My hat's off to Apple.

- John

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Works on Dual Screen TiBook
Authored by: sven on Nov 30, '01 01:59:25PM

Previous versions of the DVD player immediately quit and complained about an unsupported system when started in a dual screen configuration. You had to disconnect an external screen to get it to run.

This restriction has been removed. Event though you can't move the DVD window away from the main screen, you can have an external monitor attached. I'm running both screens in 16bit mode, haven't tried 32bit. Sweet!

Since the decoding takes less than 50% cpu you can even get some stuff done while keeping an eye on the movie (with a multi-tasking OS we have to start multi-tasking ourselves, don't we?)

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RE: Works on Dual Screen TiBook
Authored by: brycesutherland on Dec 01, '01 11:48:25PM

No joy here. DVD player 3.0.1 (with 10.1.1) still gives the "unsupported" message in both extended desktop and video mirroring modes (I didn't expect it to work in the later case) when hooked to my TV. Must be a fix for the Rev B's. I guess I'm stuck with the unglamorous "clamshell" trick...

TiBook 400, 384 MB RAM

I'm happy to accept any suggestions...


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Authored by: Mars Artis on Dec 04, '01 06:02:46PM

I've installed the 3.01 update on my iMacDV@400 384Mb RAM.

Since then i was no more able to play the miniDVD i made by my self(which worked with previous version and under os 9 too). The spinning beach baloon never stops… neither i waz able to force quit the dvd player.

How can i downgrade it to the 10.1 DVDplayer versione???

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