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Make folders invisible in the Finder Desktop
If you wish to hide certain portions of your system in the Finder, open a terminal session and type:
sudo pico /.hidden
After putting in your password, it will open a file in pico with a list of folders. Adding any folder to this list will hide it. For instance, for some reason Mac OS 9's "temporary items" folder is not hidden by default, so by modifying .hidden, it can be.

If you want to access a hidden file or folder in the finder, choose "Go to Folder..." from the Go menu, or create an alias before you hide the folder.

I've hidden everything but my users, Applications and Applications(Mac OS 9) folders in the root. It really cleans up the root folder, and I can still access everything. I cannot get a .hidden file to work in my Home folder, though. If anyone knows how, I would like to hide my Desktop Folder.

[Editor's note: This is essentially the opposite of a hint posted a while back that explains how to use .hidden to make things visible in the Finder.]
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Making files invisible
Authored by: ashill on Nov 29, '01 03:09:26PM
To make files invisible, if you have the developer tools installed, use the SetFile command line tool in /Developer/Tools/SetFile. (I have put a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin so that I can type "setfile" from anywhere to access the tool.) There is a hint somewhere on this site with a more full description of SetFile's functions (you can search for it), but, to make a file invisible, type:
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V /path/to/file
-Alex Hill

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Making files invisible
Authored by: seb2 on Nov 29, '01 07:50:54PM

to find out about its options, just call it with "--help".

by the way, using it with "-a v" (small "v") will make files/folders visible again.

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Making files invisible
Authored by: duien on Jun 24, '03 07:40:30PM

just a note - it seems that you cannot use the ~ in the path to the folder (don't know about with a file, haven't tried it)
i tried to set a folder in my home directory invisible with this command:
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V ~/bin/
and nothing happend, but when i used this:
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V /Users/emmann/bin/
it worked

that might be the trouble when you're editing the /.hidden file as well, don't know if you were trying to use ~

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Authored by: phayd on Nov 29, '01 09:17:22PM

That got rid of my desktop folder (on my desktop.)

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Another hrad drive ?
Authored by: khaled on Feb 20, '02 03:49:03AM


I have another hard drive called 'Software HD' with some folders I want to hide using the .hidden file, what should I write in the file ? I've tried many 'paths' but none worked for me. Any ideas ?

Thanks all

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Another hrad drive ?
Authored by: TimTimTJ on Mar 05, '02 09:33:09AM

Good question...I also have multiple volumes and am constantly getting the "Temporary Items" folder at the root level of my volumes. I trash the folders but eventually, they come back. How can I hide these folders on other local volumes?

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Another hrad drive ?
Authored by: pyrohotdog on Mar 05, '02 10:42:24PM

What are you tryin to do? make files in the other hard drive invisible? whats the problem? just do what the other guy said. if you need the path to the other hard drive its:


i had a hard time figuring out the path too. you can also just drag the folder or drive into the terminal to auto-type the path.
well i hope that helped.

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Another hrad drive ?
Authored by: mrbiiggy on Feb 06, '03 04:27:23PM

add this to roots crontab:

0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * rm -rf /Volumes/*/Temporary\ Items

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