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IrDA works with 10.1.1 Network
Living in Europe, the mobile is my daily companion and so are my needs to connect remotely to my office. All the messages I read about the support of IrDA have been negative, telling me that the IrDA is not strategic any more for Apple anyway.

What a surprise when I did a new installation with the Mac OS X 10.1.1 CD coming with the new PbTi 550MHz: IT WORKS! I can choose the infrared connection using the Network Preferences and just by copying the Nokia modem scripts from Mac OS 9 I'm able to connect remotly to my office again. One big step to MacOS X in my daily business for me.

[Editor's note: I'm not sure if this is news or not, but everything I've seen has certainly indicated that IrDA was not supported on the newer Macs in OS X.]
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no IRda in Network Prefs
Authored by: zmagyar on Nov 21, '01 02:39:55AM

Where did you find IRda in the Network preferences? I have only built in ethernet and internal modem...???

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Not all
Authored by: oeyvind on Nov 21, '01 10:02:37AM

As far as I know IrDA works on Titanium Gigabit Ethernet and either Wallstreet and Lombard only...^-^

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Not all
Authored by: seb2 on Nov 22, '01 04:13:14AM

you're telling me that it works on the newer tis but not on the first ones? i *do* miss irda on my ti 400 which was "built for mac os x" as sj claimed on january 9th 2001...

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IrDA under 10.1
Authored by: tst on Nov 22, '01 01:36:45AM
IrDA already worked under MOX 10.1. As I unpacked my new Ti 550 and set up all my preferences I was very astonished to see the new network type.

But I am sure that before on my Pismo under 10.1 I didn't get this option.

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enable irda?
Authored by: bhines on Nov 22, '01 04:09:12AM

Speaking of which, i just found something interesting in

/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Admin.framework/Versions/A/Resources/English.lproj/PortNames.strings :

? localized port names */
/* if name is set to "IGNORE", port doesn't appear in port list */

"airport" = "AirPort";
"ether" = "Built-in Ethernet";
"pci-ether" = "PCI Ethernet Slot %@";
"pci-multiether" = "PCI Ethernet Slot %@, Port %@";
"modem" = "Internal Modem";
"modem-port" = "Modem Port";
"printer-port" = "Printer Port";
"printer" = "IGNORE";
"modem-printer-port" = "Modem/Printer Port";
"modem-printer" = "IGNORE";
"usbmodem" = "USB Modem";
"irda" = "IGNORE";
"irda-port" = "IGNORE";
"irda-ircomm" = "USB IrDA Modem Adaptor";
"irda-ircomm-port" = "IrDA Modem Port";
"wireless" = "Wireless Network Adaptor";
"generic-ether" = "Ethernet Adaptor (%@)";

Users who have irda machines that don't show in the popup: try changing the "IGNORE" setting to something else, and see if it lets you select it!

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enable irda?
Authored by: boboeltoto on Nov 22, '01 06:00:46AM

thanx for the tip Bhines but unfortunatly changing "ignore" to something else is not enough to have the port working on a first gen. Tibook.
After the change I do see the IRDA port as an option in the network control panel but I can't get my cellphone's modem to be reconized.

Yesterday, Macnn posted an article about a "Hidden" bug known by Apple that prevent first generation Tibook to have IRDA port working....Apple is supposed to be working on a fix....Anyway that sucks...

Macnn Article :

Reader: service issue with 500MHz TiPB

A MacNN reader writes about an issue with early revisions of the PowerBook G4: "We're a service provider and Apple seems to have a hidden issue with the IrDA(infrared) port in the first rev of PB G4s under OS 10.1.1, it won't work. It only seems to work in the new 550s and 667MHz. They are aware of this issue and they're working on it, but they don't know when it'll be fixed. There's no articles regarding this issue either."

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Didn't work with original TiBook 500
Authored by: rharder on Dec 18, '01 08:57:41AM

I tried editing that PortNames.strings file. When I opened my Network pref pane I got an alert saying there was a new port "irda-port". The capitalization was wrong (basically it didn't decode the PortNames file, just took the keyname), and when I selected irda-port from the pop-up menu of interfaces the tabs, I got the Modem set of tabs. Is that what it's supposed to look like?

I don't have an ericson to test it out.


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Didn't work with original TiBook 500
Authored by: remyleroy on Jan 10, '02 04:35:27AM

It doesn't work either on my Powerbook G3 "bronze" SCSI.... while this IRda port has been activated on MacOS X 10.1.2 for the Powerbook G3 "bronze" Firewire, and I don't think Apple will work on this feature for this "old" (?!?) powerbook

Has someone found a trick to have this IRda port activated?

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enable irda?
Authored by: FiremanAndy on Jan 23, '02 02:29:46AM

I used this hack on an earlier version of 10 (.1? can't remember), and it worked to get my IrDA port visible under 'active network ports' in the network pref. panel. After installing the latest update, the file was replaced with a new one, causing the IrDA choice to be greyed out. I just went back in and replaced the "IGNORE" and will reboot to see if it becomes a choice again.

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enable irda?
Authored by: NBrandt on Apr 17, '02 05:43:27PM

I know I may be ignorant but:
My network settings do not offer me an infra red option only the built in ethernet or internal modem. I have located the file you mention, but how do I edit it?

RSVP asap please

Many many thanks

do you know of another way to get the infrared port to appear as a choice?

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enable irda?
Authored by: Jimmie on Dec 01, '02 03:44:27AM

I can't find this "IGNORE" anywhere in my system (Lombard w/clean Jaguar no Classic)

Managed to find my way to English.lproj/PortNames.strings

and that was it.

I did discover the IrDA menu file at:
System/Library/Core services/Menu Extras/

BUT, when I click on this I don't see any icon launched (However, I was able to enable the Open/Close DVD Rom Drive menu.)

I've had IrDA infrared file exchange working great on this Lombard running Classic, transferred large app's from P'Books back to back.

What gives with OS X and IrDA? Are Apple phasing it out in favour of other wireless apps?

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IrDA works on new PowerBooks only
Authored by: ahariri on Nov 22, '01 01:46:47PM

I had 10.1 installed on TiBook 500 (original). When I bought the new TiBook, I swapped the hard drives without formatting and installing and found that the IrDA worked on the new TiBook.

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Pismo 500 with 10.1.1 sees Nokia + Ericsson
Authored by: robm on Nov 24, '01 07:47:25AM

On my Pismo 500 with 10.1.1 I do see Nokia Infrared and Ericsson Infrared - unfortunately no Siemens, which I happen to have. I tried copying Siemens modem scripts from 9 - but they don't work. The computer doesn't seem to be able to get up a connection, the phone doesn't react. Can't test the Nokia and Ericsson, I don't have these phones.
BTW: I'd really appreciate any information from anyone on mobile phones & the mac, ' cause I need to buy a new phone and am wondering which one will work with Infrared. It now looks like I'll have to go for Nokia. The Siemens never worked well with IR anyway. Thanks.

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Pismo 500 with 10.1.1 sees Nokia + Ericsson
Authored by: ufotofu on Nov 24, '01 11:12:37AM

I know this is an OS X web site, but I so far haven't figured out how to get IR to work on my Pismo 400 in OS X.1.1.
I have, on the other hand, gotten my Ericsson T28World phone to work with the DI 28 modem. The details are at:
I'll try the new modem script in OS X and report back if I can get it to work.

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irDA printing?
Authored by: jeffmr on Nov 26, '01 12:04:58AM

I was wondering if anyone has tryed irDA printing through Appletalk? I have a Pismo and an HP that I print to in 9.
I looked in that file you mentioned for 'IGNORE' but the file is empty.
OS X supports or will support irDA. It wouldn't be Jobs to put one in a new machine if it wasn't of the future. : o )

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irDA printing?
Authored by: pistor on Jan 22, '02 10:39:42PM

Hello there,

I have the same problem. I can use the infrared port for printing in OS 9 and now I installed the latest OS X update (supposedly with infrared Modem support) and I can't figure out how to print to my HP 6MP anymore.

Any suggestions,


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irDA just works in OS 10
Authored by: Rinus Boone on Jan 06, '03 04:18:46PM

There are no shortcomings in working with irDA in OS 10. I used it with a PowerBook G3 (bronze) together with a Nokia 6210 and also with a Nokia 6310i with GPRS. I understood that Apple left the irDA technology because Bluetooth gives a better alternative.

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