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Finding news sites for use with SlashDock Apps
In a former submission to MacOSXHints, Slashdock was lauded, but users in the comments section seemed quite perplexed about where you could find other, non-techie news sources for the Dockling. They may want to browse through the extremely large file of RDF, RSS and XML services at

Read the rest of this article to see the URLs that I use with SlashDock.

These items are not hyperlinked on purpose — you shouldn't view these through your browser. They need to be cut and pasted into certain fields within the Slashdock "plist" file, as described in the original submission. It can be a slight pain in the butt; copy one of the extant articles and change the URLs, titles, and comments as appropriate, using either a text editor or the Property List Editor that comes with Apple Developer Tools.

AP: World

New York Times: National

New York Times: International

BBC: World

Wired: Politics


SciFi Wire

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Mac OS X Apps



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Divider lines?
Authored by: efoivx on Nov 18, '01 12:06:00PM

Anyone know of a way to add divider lines in the menu?

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Divider lines?
Authored by: babbage on Nov 19, '01 12:06:48PM
I'd like to figure this out too. I played around with the Slashdock.config.plist file for a while over the weekend, and now have it monitoring a dozen or so tech sites. Very nice. Unfortunately there seems to be some upper bound on how many it can monitor at a time -- add too many and it reverts back to the set of four or so that it starts with. Either that or one of the realnews sites I was trying to add made it unhappy, but I wasn't able to pin down what was making it fall back to the default set.

Usefully, it seems to be legal to reformat the XML file. Technically, xml is supposed to be a whitespace sensitive format, so I wasn't sure if I could rearrange things, but it turned out not to be a problem. As a result, I was about to collapse the keys and values onto one line each, and rearrange the sequence of keys for each site, putting name first, then regular URL, then headline URL, then the other fields in no particular order. This wasn't a terribly important change, but it made it much easier to put the headline sources into alphabetical order quickly.

Also, as another commenter noted in the original article on this subject, another great source for these RDF news feeds is at As of when I looked over that site on Saturday, it had 3600 or so sites listed, of which a great number of them were from News is Free (which annoyingly pops up lots of ads & steals the focus -- bad site, bad! But at least you don't have to deal withg that as much when you're harvesting headlines from it via Slashdock...

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Another Alternative: AmphetaDesk
Authored by: morbus on Nov 19, '01 11:10:44PM
You can also check out AmphetaDesk at It's a crossplatform news reader (not dock based, however) that's open sourced, and the display is templated (so you can customize to your heart's content). It comes with about 1000 feeds built in, and more can be found at

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SlashDock 1.7 released!
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Dec 02, '01 05:24:51AM

SlashDock 1.7 has been released! among its new features are enable/diable options and Mac OS X Hints being included in the default config file! (though disabled)

i had to rename my existing config file for the new sites to load and as soon as i enabled Mac OS X Hints, i got a new config file that encluded a new XML tag:




i think it's pretty self explanery :)

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Newisfree feeds broken?
Authored by: theodelinda on Jan 16, '02 02:01:17PM

Anyone else notice that the feeds for BBC World, NYT headlines, AP, etc. are no longer working with Slashdock? Slashdot, Macnn, etc., are fine. I checked the address of the xml file, and it doesn't seem to have changed. Any ideas?

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