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10.1.1 Update released System
Check your software update panel -- 10.1.1 is now available (along with the new Airport software). According to Apple, the update includes improved support for USB and FireWire devices, improvements to CD and DVD burning, enhanced AFP, SMB and WebDav networking (maybe the iDisk will be usable on WebDAV now!), and improved printing support. Mail and the Finder have also been updated.

UPDATE: Apple has posted a very thorough what's new in 10.1.1 article on their site.
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10.1.1 Update released | 44 comments | Create New Account
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Video mirroring
Authored by: adriaant on Nov 13, '01 05:42:26PM

You forgot that on Titanium video mirroring is now enabled with this new upgrade. That means that the earlier mentioned fix to display DVD on tv only has become obsolete.

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Canon Ixus / Elph supported
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Nov 14, '01 02:56:22AM

Now it seems to me that 10.1.1 correctly supports my Canon Ixus v.

With 10.1 I had to change a plist-file to make it work at all. With 10.1.1. there even is an tiny Ixus-Icon in Image :-)

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Dual monitor icons bug in Finder
Authored by: 47ronin on Nov 13, '01 06:06:12PM

I hope this isn't a feature..

I have a dual monitor setup in OSX.. The main one is on the left, and the secondary is on the right. I have a couple of icons on the desktop, a PDF file, a folder, and the usual HD and CD-ROM icons. These usually line up on the right side of the main monitor. After the 10.1.1 update, all the icons line up in a column in the middle of the main monitor. I can't drag any of them to the right side; they snap back. I can move them to the left. I can drag them to any position on the secondary monitor. What happened?

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Dual monitor icons bug in Finder
Authored by: adriaant on Nov 13, '01 06:31:53PM

It is a feature :(
The icons are arranged such that they are not covered by the dock. If your icon sizes are huge, the grid is way wide.
I don't like it either. My CD icon snaps to under the dock or next to it.

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Not just Dual Monitors
Authored by: jonahlee on Nov 13, '01 08:49:37PM

I have only a single montior and now my icons are snapped so far to the left I can't see them under application windows. I have my dock on the right pinned to the bottom (thanks to Tinker Tool), so it never makes it up that far. What a horrible 'feature that is" I like Macs for the reason that I can control where the icons go!! Apple disable this stupidity, ot let us turn it off!

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Fixed it on a single monitor
Authored by: DelVach on Nov 14, '01 05:12:53PM
Changed my resolution from 1153x870 to 1280x1024, then back, and then I was able to move them.

My icons are pretty dang big right now. So happy somebody already made decent Simpsons icons for X, needed another Mr. Burns for my main partition.

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Authored by: adriaant on Nov 13, '01 06:38:34PM

Please install the system upgrade first, restart, and install the airport update. On both my macs I noticed installation of both upgrades at the same times causes the installer to halt during optimization.

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Authored by: Erik Toh on Nov 14, '01 02:51:49AM

There is bug causing a thread block in the Airport installer app. When you see a progress bar, click on the menu bar and highlight and item. The progress bar will continue normally.

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WebDAV is much better...
Authored by: robg on Nov 13, '01 06:52:02PM

No doubt about it; I just dragged a couple 1mb files to my iDisk, and they went quite quickly.

Mail seems much snappier, but it's hard to explain exactly how -- windows just seem to open and close more responsively, I guess. There's also a clearer distinction between the drawer and the main window. Supposedly this release will help with image attachment problems as well.


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mounting SMB volumes is much faster
Authored by: greggomer on Nov 13, '01 08:33:57PM

Samba suport seems much faster on my G3. It mounts volumes at least twice as fast, and times out almost instantly to invalid requests, where before I might wait up to a minute or so.


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Install glitches? Finder hangs?
Authored by: babbage on Nov 13, '01 07:01:10PM
In current discussion on MacSlash, there has been at least one report of people having major problems with this upgrade, citing problems both with kernel panics (!) and big glitches with the Finder -- trying to launch multiple instances of itself, or not responding to the user, etc. Anyone know exactly what's going on here? I don't want to run the update until this is clarified -- OSX is my main system now and I don't want to trash it.

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Airport installs correctly?
Authored by: adriaant on Nov 13, '01 07:24:32PM

?at after installing airport upgrade and then running Software Update again, it still asks to install this upgrade? I noticed this on both my macs. There is an "Installation" folder in /System with a small Airport.pkg, which does not open at all.

Woah! I just noticed that the version number of Airport upgrade went to 2.0 without any attached suffixes! Apple is busy :)

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Airport installs correctly?
Authored by: adriaant on Nov 13, '01 08:12:18PM

Nah, still the same thing. If I do upgrade airport again, the installation reports in /var/log/ are identical, showing no discrepancies or unexpected errors. Weird.

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Nov 13, '01 08:28:59PM

ClassiHac doesn't seem to work with 10.1.1. here is what happened: installed the update, and then forced the updater to quit (i like my uptime :)) and it wasn't a big deal. i had classic running buffered at the time i ran the update and after i force-quit the updater. i started to play a song in iTunes and turned on the visualizer. at that point the screen turned blue with the rainbow curser in the corner then in a minute i got the login screen (it logged me out...) i logged back in, started classihack (along with iTunes, DragThing, SystemPrefs, DesktopConsole, Terminal, BBEdit, LoadinDock, Memory Monitor, and Super Get Info) as soon as classic finished starting up, my screen turned blue and i got the login screen. at that point i restarted (in verbose :)) and logged in again. opened all of the above, and when classic finished booting, login screen (ARG!) this time i logged in and didn't let ClassiHack open Classic, i started it the old fashioned and ugly way. classic finished booting and everything is running smoothly (though with unbuffered classic windows, it is _ugly_

btw, i noticed a slightly od thing during my verbose boot. here is the odd part from my /var/log/system.log

AirPortFirmware: Initializing
AirPortFirmware: Probing
AirPortFirmware: Starting
alog - FirmwareProc: newVers = 0x00080008
alog - >>>>>>>>>>>> B E G I N D O W N L O A D <<<<<<<<<<<<
alog - 1
alog - 2
ATIRage128: using AGP
alog - 3
alog - 4
alog - 5
alog - 6
alog - 7
alog - 8
alog - 9
alog - >>>>>>>>>>>> E N D D O W N L O A D <<<<<<<<<<<<
FirmwareNub: postCommand succeeded!
AirPortFirmware: Stopping
AirPortFirmware: Freeing

it seems that the new AirPort software updated the firmware on my airport card when i was supposed to be looking :) thats a little spooky if you ask me. (when i saw it go by in verbose, i didn't notice the firmware part, i just saw the begin download, all the alog's and the end download - thats made it even weirder!)

btw, my system is paging to and from disk a lot more now that it has been in the past. i don't like it! (running with 384 MB of RAM)

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Authored by: marcusha on Nov 14, '01 04:09:18AM

uhhhh... maybe they do that restart thing after an install for a reason!

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Authored by: reippuert on Nov 13, '01 09:10:34PM

i have applied the update on my G4 with no problems, but i have two observations

Apple sems to have added 2D hardware acceleration for RagePro equipped machines:
/System/Library/Extensions/ATIRagePro.kext - however there doesn't seem to be OpenGL acceleration.

Classichack doesn't work anymore - when i start the first classic app the window manager quits:-( too bad.

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What is Classichack
Authored by: greggomer on Nov 13, '01 09:32:28PM

what is classichack, I have never heard of it, and have search the net a bit but can't see to find any info about it.



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It's Classihack
Authored by: robg on Nov 13, '01 10:24:04PM

Search here on "classihack" - no 'c' in the middle. Andrew Welch of Ambrosia found a way to enable compressed windows in Classic. Gets rid of the shadows and odd visual artifacts ... but 10.1.1 breaks it.


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It's Classihack
Authored by: evands on Nov 13, '01 11:06:37PM

...and i really hope 10.2 sees Apple doing whatever it takes to turn classihack into a default behavior that doesn't break random classic things... and I hope with nearly the same fervance that Andrew comes out with a classihack mark II in the meantime.

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Remote WebDAV performance still lousy
Authored by: sabi on Nov 13, '01 09:35:23PM

The Finder still hangs when accessing WebDAV volumes, and performing other (seemingly simple) operations. Waiting for the remote side is fine, but it should at most stop actions from proceeding in the frontmost window, not prevent anything from happening in the Finder. If it were properly written, it shouldn't do this. Here's a quick test to try:

Mount your iDisk.

Click on one of the folder icons. Press an arrow key to move to one of the others. It takes at least a second to respond on my G4/533, sometimes longer (accompanied by spinning beach ball). There's no way switching from an un-highlighted to a highlighted depiction of a folder should take a second to complete.

Accessing WebDAV volumes locally, there is no such delay.

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Authored by: warrior on Nov 13, '01 10:36:32PM

I could have sworn that before I ran this update, I used to be able to get to the /Library/CoreServices folder in the Finder. After updating it's disappeared, but I can access it from the terminal. What a pain!

Oh, and WebDAV is still painfully slow, but maybe that's because I'm running a Beige G3 233.

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CoreServices? Oops...
Authored by: warrior on Nov 13, '01 10:44:45PM

Hey, that explains it! Readme file I was using had the wrong path name.

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SMB finally works
Authored by: shack on Nov 13, '01 11:20:13PM
I'm one of the people for whom OSX.1's SMB wouldn't connect to a dirt-simple Linux share, no matter what I tried.

X.1.1 connects easily and perfectly. Right on!

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SMB finally works
Authored by: reinventedpei on Nov 13, '01 11:37:19PM

I can confirm this: mounting SMB shares on a Linux machine only worked under mysterious non-repeatable ciscumstances for me. After installing 10.1.1, I was able to this with no problems. Wonderful.

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Eject command in Finder contextual menus...
Authored by: sublinear on Nov 14, '01 12:00:17AM

I just noticed that when I'm browsing my hard drives using the Finder, if I right-click (control-click) there's now an Eject option under the Show Info option. It's kinda annoying that this shows up all over the place now...

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that is also in 10.1
Authored by: normcook on Nov 14, '01 03:26:51AM

i havent updated and i have the same thing...

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QuickTime 5.0.5 and more...
Authored by: junehao on Nov 14, '01 02:29:41AM

Check System Preferences -> QuickTime -> About QuickTime.... Now the version is 5.0.5. QuickTime Player is still 5.0.2, though.

A new folder is created: /System/Installation. I have AirPortPrePostScripts/AirPort.pkg in it. Probably it is for something need to be installed in the future ('cause I don't have AirPort card yet).

I don't know if this exists in 10.1, but in System Preferences -> Speech -> Speech Recognition -> Listening, Under Microphone menu, there's one item called "Zoomed Video"! Does it mean OS X now support Zoomed Video?

Finally, if you still curious about what exactly been updated, you can check all the affected components in /Library/Receipts/MacOSXUpdate10.1.1.pkg/Contents/Resources/BundleVersions.plist.

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Authored by: Jay on Nov 14, '01 12:21:30PM

I couldn't get SMB to work on my B&W at all before, now it works perfectly!

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manual classihack
Authored by: lemurs on Nov 14, '01 12:43:53PM

i applied the classic window buffer manually thru a text editor once and have restarted numerous times and it never seems to go away. even under 10.1.1 its effect are still in place. not sure why.

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manual classihack
Authored by: reippuert on Nov 14, '01 09:26:08PM

how do ypu do that?

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manual classihack
Authored by: lemurs on Nov 16, '01 02:02:11AM

go to the original thread about classic window buffering (search for it) and it is explained what file to modify.

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Darwin ?
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 14, '01 01:13:56PM

I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but Darwin is now in version 5.1 :

5.1 Darwin Kernel Version 5.1: Tue Oct 30 00:06:34 PST 2001; root:xnu/xnu-201.5.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc

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New numbering scheme
Authored by: robg on Nov 14, '01 01:54:39PM

They revised the numbering scheme...not sure why!


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Authored by: ubik on Nov 14, '01 01:48:47PM

So I installed 10.1.1 yesterday. The only problem was that my Applications directory was in fact a symbolic link to another volumes and that Apple's installer doesn't work with symbolic links. As a consequence, Mail wasn't properly updated, the installer erasing the symbolic link and re-creating a new Applications directory with a new Mail directory containing updated elements but NOT a complete application. Anyway, after me messing up trying to manually copy the updated elements inside the *real*, I am left with a non-working copy of Mail and I was wondering how I could reinstall a new copy of Mail without having to reinstall OS X completely?

Also, as an aside, has anyone tried to mount another partition as Applications instead of using a symbolic link (which as demonstrated above!) has grown quite old on me? I am planning on doing it as soon as I fix my current problem to see if upgrades will work better like this. Anything that I should be aware of?

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Authored by: nturpin on Nov 14, '01 03:14:17PM

I had a similar problem too, however replacing updated components of the app did seem to work.

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Authored by: ElLeon0 on Nov 14, '01 03:36:58PM

I had a similar situation, where my copy of Mail was in a subdirectory of the Applications folder, and as a result the updated coponents were installed in a new folder called Mail within the Applications directory. I did manage to copy all the components into the old package, and that seems to have successfully updated it (in the sense that the program still works, at least). One question though -- the version number for the "updated" version of Mail is v1.1 (475), and I'm curious if that's what the genuinely updated copy of Mail's version number should be.

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Authored by: dsauve on Nov 14, '01 05:14:30PM

I've had good success with several mounted partitions:

-/var/log/httpd <-- this made a considerable improvement in webserver performance
-/var/mail <-- this seems to make a big improvement in IMAP server performance
-/Swap <- this doesn't seem to do much (I have 512 megs RAM)

I'm using /etc/fstab to mount the partitions, and then I niloaded that file into NetInfo. I have rebooted several times and had no problems; however this morning I did a 'shutdown -r now' and the /Users volume did not mount (I noticed because system performace was lagging) -- however a 2nd remote reboot mounted everything.

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Authored by: adriaant on Nov 14, '01 05:32:46PM

I mount my Applications partition into /Applications, which works well. The Installer recognizes the Applications partition. However, Apple made one major mistake in their installation procedure. They assume all their utilities and applications will be in the original locations. However, most people, incl. me, reorganize the Applications folder. So, yesterday, I moved the airport setup assistant to another folder and bam, software update assumed I did not upgrade to the latest airport! Duh.

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Authored by: jfw on Nov 14, '01 06:08:02PM
However, Apple made one major mistake in their installation procedure. They assume all their utilities and applications will be in the original locations. However, most people, incl. me, reorganize the Applications folder.
Me too -- but it installed the new as a folder -- it is not "blessed" or whatever magic is supposed to happen so it looks and acts like an app, not a folder. My old (in the subfolder i moved it to) wasn't touched. Help! How do I get the new to be a normal pkg/app?

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Force Quit
Authored by: nturpin on Nov 14, '01 03:47:20PM

Perhaps something I missed or perhaps it's a new feature, but were you able to force quit apps, as they were launching before by right clicking on the dock icon?

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Force Quit
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 14, '01 04:23:20PM

Yes, I was.

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Classic won't start
Authored by: friedmaj on Nov 14, '01 08:47:06PM

Since I installed the 10.1.1 update, Classic won't start. Specifically, it will load all the extensions (just when I thought I'd never have to deal with them again!), then go to a blank screen as it usually does briefly before loading the desktop. But it just stops at the blank screen. The disk is accessed a few more times (my OS 9.2 disk sounds different from my OS X disk) and the progress bar moves to nearly the end, but never quite makes it.

Classic starts fine with extensions off. I can also boot from OS 9.2 itself, with the extensions on, with no problems.

Anyone else get this?


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Classic won't start
Authored by: friedmaj on Nov 14, '01 10:11:05PM

I have since found a solution, but not an explanation, on macfixit: in OS 10.1, Classic won't start if there's a QPS Que! CD-RW connected and on. I don't know how specific the problem is to that particular brand of drive. Nonetheless, when I turned the CD-RW off, Classic started fine.

So not only does OS X not support my CD-RW, it won't even let me turn it on!


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Sometimes it works, sometimes not
Authored by: paulr on Jan 10, '02 10:27:31AM

I'm trying to use 10.1.2 to mount SMB shares from 3 different W2K servers, using Active Directory for authentication. Using smb://servername/share in the Finder doesn't work, even after I created a proper .nsmbrc file. Finder reports "error 1", claiming that there are no shared resources on my servers.

However, I can use mount -t smbfs or mount_smbfs to my heart's content. This smells awfully like a bug of some kind.

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