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An extra efficient means of using column view Desktop
Column-view would be the fastest way to peruse your files if it weren't for the delay each time the finder generates the preview. Most of you know the trick of eliminating the preview-pane in column view. Just in case, here is a very brief refresher: open the file in your Preferences folder in a text editor. Find the following lines and set ShowPreview to false as shown:
Anyhow, the problem is that now you can't see the file size, type, version, etc. However, the Show Info window (Command-I) does all this. Even better, it will automatically update as you select different files.

So, disable the ShowPreview, then keep an Info window open next to your Finder window to see the full-size icon, size, dates, etc. If you need to see the preview, just switch to the preview panel in the Info window! Scroll-wheel works nicely for switching panes. Now column view works very quickly, and you only generate previews when you need to see them.
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Tweaking window placement
Authored by: jw34 on Nov 10, '01 11:41:07AM

When I open the file to change the preview as mentioned here, I noticed all the other info about window placement etc. My question is this: If I wanted to change the placement of windows (preference pane,staus bar, etc) to have them centered on my screen what numbers I would have to type in to replace the ones already there? I have a 21" monitor so is it a matter of trial and error putting in numbers until things are centered, or could I use another tag to denote automatically centering?


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Tweaking window placement
Authored by: james_sorenson on Nov 12, '01 02:23:23AM

These numbers are constantly changing. Basically, it records the position
of the last-closed window (sort gets weird with multiple windows).
Open a finder window. Move it to where you want it. Close it.
That will put in the settings. Now, if I could just be able to move windows
about without worrying about changing those settings!

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Authored by: lemurs on Nov 10, '01 10:12:13PM

the tag <key>ShowPreview</key>
is not anywhere to be found in

any ideas?

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Authored by: sven on Nov 11, '01 07:22:48AM
It's easier (and safer) to use defaults write ShowPreview -bool false from the command line to manipulate the settings file. Having said (and done) that, the change in the settings didn't have any effect for me after a relaunch of the finder. Maybe a logout/login cycle is in order but I can't check it now. From looking at the finder.plist file I see the same key and value as in the original description after making the change through "defaults". Sven

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Authored by: james_sorenson on Nov 12, '01 02:08:33AM

This method only works for base-level keys in plists. Since ShowPreview
is a sub-key to the clmv key, this method will create a base-level ShowPreview
key that the system will ignore. I don't know how to refer to sub-level keys,
so I had to edit the text-file correctly. This method is very convenient for
other settings though, and would make a good submission as a System Hint.

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Authored by: james_sorenson on Nov 12, '01 02:28:26AM

To lemur:

The ShowPreview key on my system is on line 99, under the clmv key. If you
have ever used column view, the preference should be written to the file.
I verified that its in the file. Try a search.

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Authored by: lemurs on Nov 12, '01 12:03:25PM

i almost only ever use column view since i first installed 10.0. in the plist there is only an options tag for incv and not clmv (not for list view either). perhaps if you post the entire clmv options tag it will work then. (and specifiy where exactly it goes)

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Authored by: james_sorenson on Nov 12, '01 06:18:57PM
To lemurs: I think it would be best if I just direct you to the original post for removing the preview panel. That one gives explicit directions if you can't find it in your file. Go to:

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