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Complex batch file renaming in the Finder Apps
If you work with batches of files in the Finder and often need to rename them, I'd recommend giving A Better Finder Rename (ABFR) a look. ABFR, a $15 shareware app, offers over 20 different ways of renaming things, including the small snippet shown at left from the "Remove anywhere" choice. Other options include "Replace anywhere within name", "Produce alphabetical list", and "Strip vowels". Each choice brings a different set of options forward. ABFR sits in your dock (or on your desktop) and you activate it by dragging and dropping onto it the files and folders you wish to rename.

I find ABFR ideal for dealing with my digital camera, which gives me lots of well-named files like "DSC0001.JPG", "DSC0002.JPG", etc. With ABFR, a fix is just a drag and drop away. Hopefully, future versions will load as true contextual menus (as in OS 9), but apparently Apple has not made the Finder's contextual menus available to developers (yet?).
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No contextual menu plugins
Authored by: muzzi on Nov 08, '01 12:47:26AM

That's true as far as I can tell. There is no menu like in 0s9 for adding contextual
menu plugins. I hope that i'm overlooking something because I think that this was one of
the better features of os9.

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No contextual menu plugins
Authored by: brodie on Nov 08, '01 06:06:23AM

i think its now called components, in your library. im pretty sure as i've had a few things appear in their and in cntl+click menu. cant remember what though, might be wrong.

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Tends to be pretty useless under OS X
Authored by: ikari on Nov 08, '01 08:30:52PM

If you will notice, this version doesn't support long filenames, it's only does filenames under 32 characters, like classic Mac OS.

Considering the whole point of the utility is to perform operations on filenames, I'd be pretty annoyed if i paid the shareware fee only to later discover this.

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Authored by: robg on Nov 09, '01 02:56:31AM

I'd only been using it on my digital camera files, which are all under 32 characters. I hadn't even noticed the restriction. I'll inquire with the author and see if he's working on a fix of any kind.

I must not tend to use super long filenames very often, as I obviously hadn't even seen the bug yet!


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Authored by: ikari on Nov 10, '01 09:51:58AM

I was using it on mp3s that I ripped on my Windows box and couldn't be bothered re-ripping, was planning to lay them out in the iTunes style ~/Documents/iTunes/iTunes Music/artist/album/title.mp3 way, hence was planning on using ABFR to strip off the unwanted information from the mp3 filename.

Oh well, guess i'll just have to wait for an update, thanks for asking the author about it.

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Response from the author
Authored by: robg on Nov 10, '01 10:27:38AM

Here's what he had to say in an email I just received:

"The long file name issue is something that we didn't catch in the first OS X release because our test cases are cross-platform (OS9 and OSX). The issue has now been largely resolved in the release which is due on Wednesday [Nov 14] (all file names are now correctly renamed) and there will be some further work on the issue in the next releases (all fields will have 255 character, etc.)."

Good news!


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Response from the author
Authored by: bhines on Nov 10, '01 07:15:11PM

So the answer was no, it won't be fixed for the next release, sounds like.

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Version 4.3 released
Authored by: robg on Jan 18, '02 01:43:08AM

Here's a blurb from the author:

"A Better Finder RENAME version 4.3 provides improved support for OS X long
file names, extends the number manipulation operations and fixes a problem
with non-ascii characters in file names."

So it seems he's addressed some of the issues with the long filename support. I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet.


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4.4 released...
Authored by: robg on Feb 24, '02 12:37:49PM

From the author:

"A Better Finder Rename version 4.4 allows the original file names to be saved to a document for future reference. The new release also features a significant rewrite of the internal architecture of the product."

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