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Fix 'Error -108' after installing HP drivers Install
After installing version 1.2 of HP's DeskJet drivers for Mac OS X, I noticed that I was not able to select my DesktJet 842c printer from the Print Center application; I would receive an "unknown error" -108 after attemping to do so. I discovered that the problem was with the file permissions on files within the Print package; the HP DeskJet installer had stupidly changed them without telling me.

If you're affected by this glitch, read the rest of the article for the solution...

A directory listing from the terminal of the affected files SHOULD be as follows:
-rwxr-sr-x  1 root  daemon  384364 Oct 29 23:41 Print Center
-r-sr-xr-- 1 root daemon 39012 Oct 29 23:40 PrintingReset
Consequently, anyone who has encountered an error -108 upon trying to add his or her printer to Print Center should execute the following commands in the Terminal:
cd "/Applications/Utilities/Print"
sudo chown root:daemon "Print Center"
sudo chown root:daemon PrintingReset
sudo chmod u=rwx,g=rsx,o=rx "Print Center"
sudo chmod u=rsx,g=rx,o=r PrintingReset
[Editor's note: I don't have an HP printer to test this with, so I can't say whether it works or not...looks pretty straightforward, though!]
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HP Installer
Authored by: jtfolden on Nov 05, '01 12:38:40PM

I'm curious to know under what circumstances the HP installer does this. I installed this release and it didn't touch Print Center at all.

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-108 Printing Error Redux
Authored by: themacguy on Nov 21, '01 01:47:21AM

Found that "-108 error" posting about the HP v1.2 print installation quite useful. In my case, the error did not come until today (even though I installed the driver a day or so after it was posted by HP).

What preceded the error was an attempt to print to my Brother MFC-8600 (using the most recent brx104 driver) from AppleWorks. Apparently, the document contained a gif or jpeg that simply would not print (or even preview!) using the Brother driver. When I switched to the Print Center and back to AppleWorks (v6.2.1) a few times and attempted to print again, there were NO available printers in the "Print" dialog even though they showed up in the Print Center. I logged out and back in and, sure enough, there were now NO printers and, when I attempted to add some I got the dreaded "-108" error. Using the corrective techniques described in the posting, I then logged out and back in where I was now able to add all three of my printers (DeskJet 810C, Brother MFC-8600, and LaserWriter 4/600 via AppleTalk).

Many thanks to MacOSXHints for providing a great service to us "early adopters". It's bookmarked right by MacFixit, Macintouch, and Versiontracker as my "essentials".

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-108 Printing Error Redux
Authored by: Eriamjh1138 on Jan 27, '02 08:47:20AM

I had the same error after printing to an in-laws HP deskjet in X. Now I can't set my Canon S600 as my default printer. I deleted many printing files (like print center's preferences, etc.) and have no printers. No big deal, I'll just reinstall the Canon drivers. I did and still got the -108 error.

I was pointed to this hint and did everything on it. Now I still get the -108 error, but print center at least asks if I "...want to add any printers?" I try, select the S600 and get the same error. There must be a permissions error elsewhere but I have no idea where to look. Any clues? What about the drivers themselves?

I an no Unix programmer. Explain it all, please!

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-108 Error Avoided. New Printer installed!
Authored by: Eriamjh1138 on Jan 27, '02 10:44:50AM

Using the program "Pseudo", I launched Print Center and managed to add a printer without the dreaded "-108" error.

Just download Pseudo and drop Print Center on it. Pseudo allows you to run any app as root. Since this was a privileges error, root should have eliminated it.

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-108 Error Solved!
Authored by: guido79 on Mar 27, '02 01:44:26AM

This solution solved my problem. I use an Epson 780 printer and I just added my old trusty LaserWriter IIg to my cube running Mac OS X 10.1.3. After running the commands in terminal I had to relaunch Print Center a couple of times before I saw my printers show up.



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Oh yeah....
Authored by: traitdici on Apr 09, '02 12:41:25PM

And this is the same story for the v1.3 of the driver.
This tip works greatly and i'm sad thinking Hp is not hearing his users... the probleme exists again in this 1.3 new version.
Thanks for this 'fix-tip', now i think i will ask before calling technical services !!! that's cheaper !!!

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