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Save 'unsavable' QuickTime movies System
MacFixIt's OS X Page published a tip today for saving "unsavable" QuickTime movies. QuickTime content producers have the option of indicating that a certain clip should not be savable, which disables the "Save" option normally available within QuickTime Pro. MacFixIt details the steps necessary to save a movie from IE using only GUI tools. Give it a read if you'd like a GUI method for saving QT clips.

On the other hand, you can also use the Terminal to accomplish the same result in fewer steps (although it can be argued whether it's easier or harder than the GUI method!). If you'd like to know how, read the rest of this article. NOTE: You'll need the Developer Tools installed for this to work.

Per the MacFixIt article, make sure the "Save movies in disk cache" option is enabled in the QT preferences panel. In a browser (I used Mozilla), locate the clip you wish to save and let it spool completely to your drive (you don't need to watch it all, though). Once it's spooled, do the following in a Terminal session:
  1. Copy the downloaded file to your desktop (for ease of use):
    cd "/tmp/501/Temporary Items"
    ls -al
    This will list all the files in the Temporary Directory. The cached movie should start with "QTPlugInTemp...". Type
    cp QTPl[tab] ~/Desktop/MyMovieFile
    Replace [tab] with the actual tab character; this will auto-complete the filename, assuming you only have one movie cached. Obviously, change MyMovieFile to whatever you'd like to name the movie.

  2. We need to tell the Mac that this is a QuickTime movie. Still in the terminal, do this:
    SetFile -t "MooV" -c "TVOD" ~/Desktop/MyMovieFile
    This sets the type and creator for the movie file.

  3. There is no step three. You're done. Make sure you read the notes, though, for a way to make this even easier the next time!
The icon should change itself into a QT icon if you simply move or copy the file to a new location from your desktop. If you'd rather force it, follow the steps on MacFixIt for setting the preferred application. Although the GUI method is much less intimidating, I find the Terminal to be much more effective in this particular example (hence the beauty of having both methods available!).

NOTES: If the "SetFile" command does not work, the command may not be in your path. You can either type "/Developer/Tools/SetFile" instead, or add the /Developer/Tools path to your normal shell. To do the latter, you need to do a couple quick things in the terminal -- 'mkdir ~/Library/init' then 'mkdir ~/Library/init/tcsh' then 'cd ~/Library/init/tcsh'. This creates two new directories and changes into them. Then type 'pico path' and enter one line:
setenv PATH ${PATH}:/Developer/Tools:/Developer/Applications
Make sure you put a carriage return at the end of the line! Save and quit the editor and then close and re-open the terminal, and the Developer Tools are now part of your path.

If you want to do this often, consider creating an alias to change the type and creator. In the same directory as above (~/Library/init/tcsh), create or edit (if existing) a file called 'aliases.mine'. Add this one line
alias makemv 'SetFile -t "MooV" -c "TVOD" \!:1'
(again, make sure there's a carriage return at the end). Save the file, quit, and close/reopen the terminal. In the future, just type makemv NameOfMovieFile and you'll change the type and creator with one quick command!
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Another easy catch
Authored by: junehao on Nov 03, '01 02:49:13AM

In IE, choose View -> Source, then Edit -> Find, type in ".mov" and locate the URL of the movie clip. For example, in web page

I found

<embed src="../../../theater/shorts/ftb/quicktime/" ...

Use Terminal, type (or copy-paste):

curl -O

Of course you have to figure out the correct relative path.

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What about
Authored by: JayBee on Nov 04, '01 06:08:16PM
If you use the "ditto" command with the "-rsrcFork" option, you can achieve the same thing:
% cd /tmp/501/Temporary Items/

% ditto -rsrcFork QTPluginTemp****** ~/Movies/

This will preserve the resource fork, and Finder will know what the file is.

Worked for me, anyway ;-)

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What about
Authored by: sharumpe on Nov 05, '01 12:21:16PM

Just a quick note:
you only need one * character. If you only want to match names with a specific number of characters, use the ? instead.

* matches zero or more characters
? matches one character

Mr. Sharumpe

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What about
Authored by: JayBee on Nov 06, '01 07:05:18AM

I was using "*"s as a visual aid - should have explained that!

Sure, though, using a ? will hit everything in the directory. I like :-)

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Save 'unsavable' QuickTime movies
Authored by: fredfass on Jan 08, '04 12:18:13PM

Maybe accessing Quicktime files is easy for most but I find all this use of the Terminal so unnecessary. Here's a way to get those "unsavable" QuickTime movies using the simple "find" and "drag" method:

•Go to Finder
•Press "command-F" or select "Find" from the "File" menu
•Set two search parameters: check off your primary hard drive or partition, then set 1st search parameters to "name" "contains" and enter: "QTPlugInTemp" (no quotes), then set the 2nd search parameters to "visibility" and "invisible items"
•Press Search
•Results will show the all saved QuickTime files. For example, a file may be named something like "QTPluginTemp5242914"
•Just drag the file listing from the Search Results window to the Desktop (hint: select the file size column to give a clue as to the file you want)
•Select your dragged file and "Get Info"
•Set "Open With" to "QuickTime Player"
•Rename the file, adding ".mov" at the end of the name

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Save 'unsavable' QuickTime movies - unable to find cache file
Authored by: awalls on Jan 24, '04 07:43:38AM

I tried all of these ways to hunt for hidden QTplugintemp files, the 'find' search correctly found the 501 folder as did 'go to folder' and using terminal window but when i got there the cupboard was bare, there were pdf temp files but no qt cache files to be seen... any ideas where i went wrong

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Save 'unsavable' QuickTime movies
Authored by: thelamecamel on Mar 21, '04 07:44:29AM

After spending 2 hours downloading a 3 minute, 21MB video clip over dialup, I got rather annoyed when this hint, which had always worked for me in the past, yielded an unreadable 11MB file in the usual place. The correct file for me lay at /private/tmp/WebKitPlugInStreamloj0FT .

I don't know why it was there, but if anyone else suffers this problem, do a search with the criteria:

visibility: all
creation date: is today
file size is greater than: [a bit less than what your browser's activity window tells you]

This should give you a list of suspects to work from

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Save 'unsavable' QuickTime movies
Authored by: egb116 on Mar 27, '04 12:48:10AM

I think this applies to movies that are meant only to be streaming. I tried this hint (and the "revisited" one) with no success (it said that QT couldn't open the file) and then searched for files created today as mentioned above and found a file in /private/tmp/ called "WebKitPlugInStreamuH64L1" that was my movie. Once I copied and renamed it, it played fine. Hope this helps!

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