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Enable Classic window buffering - 10.1 only! Classic

Andrew Welch of Ambrosia Software, who posted a patch which enables window buffer compression, has done it again. This time, however, he's applied a similar patch to the Classic environment -- classihack. Here's what he said about the patch:
"classihack is a little hack that turns on Classic window buffering. The windows of your Classic applications will redraw instantly, instead of being painted white and then slowly updated. In addition to having Classic windows update more quickly, this has the added benefit of making window shadows work properly on Classic windows.

classihack activates a hidden feature in the window server. Apple likely left this feature disabled for a reason, however I have found that enabling it makes Classic work much better for me. Use it at your own risk.

WARNING: With classihack enabled, if you switch monitor color depths (say from Thousands to Millions) or if you switch monitor resolutions, the window server will crash. This has the effect of immediately quitting all of your running applications.

This hack is entirely free, and entirely unsupported."
It's hard to describe exactly how well this works without seeing it in action. Classic windows update instantly and the drop shadows from OS X apps are perfect when dragged across Classic windows. In addition, dragging objects over Classic windows is also much smoother.

When you double-click classihack, it applies the hack to your Classic environment. Subsequent launches of Classic (even from the System Prefs Classic panel) will have window buffering enabled. To disable it again, simply logout and login. I've been using it since yesterday and haven't noticed any problems yet ... but there may well be a good reason why Apple left it disabled, so use at your own risk!
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Automatic Classic Hack?
Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 02, '01 12:34:24PM

This is brilliant. However, is there a way to automatically get this hack applied every login WITHOUT having to answer the startup dialogue box?

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put it here
Authored by: brodie on Nov 02, '01 01:03:53PM

put it in your startup items in login preferences instead of classic startup, starts classic with the hack.

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put it here
Authored by: nbirnbaum on Nov 03, '01 09:54:34PM

This doesn't work for me. If I put it in the login prefs, I still get the dialog box. And if I tell the Login prefs to hide it, it crashes on launch. Any further ideas?

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Awesome except...
Authored by: soosy on Nov 02, '01 01:27:46PM

I've found that many of the custom cursors in Photoshop cause mouse movement to get very very choppy. Going into Prefs and selecting standard cursors (rather than brush size) helped some, but the text and selection tools are still very choppy. I'm afraid it was so bad, I had to logout to stop it.

This hack is great though! It gets rid of all that ugly redraw stuff.
So if you know you are about to start a bunch of photoshop stuff, you may want to leave it off.

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Awesome except...
Authored by: mkurtz on Nov 02, '01 02:22:36PM

I've noticed this also, but found that Adobe ImageReady works just fine. No delays or jerkiness at all.

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Awesome except...
Authored by: joon on Nov 04, '01 12:42:14PM

go into your plugins folder for Photoshop and disable the 'Direct Cursors' plug (inside 'Plugins>Adobe Photoshop Only>Extensions>DirectCursors>DirectCursors' as of ver.6). You can easily do this by adding a "~" in front of the enclosing folder. You will be limited in how big the brush preview circle will draw but it's definitely worth it.

If you have Conflict Catcher you could have it manage the plugins for photoshop in addition to the classic set. This way you could enable the DirectCursors when booting up in os 9 and disable it when in classic in X.

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Authored by: Rippy on Nov 02, '01 04:46:55PM

Anyone else having trouble with the link?

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Worked earlier, now crashes contantly
Authored by: bluehz on Nov 03, '01 05:05:42PM

This worked great for me this morning - now when I launch it - Classic starts up, no problem. As soon as I launch ANY classic app...poof everything disappears, total wipeout (as explained in their README). Odd thing is I have checked and double checked and the monitor resolution and color depth is set exactly the same in both classic and X, yet it is exhibiting the crash as described. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

- thx

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Nov 03, '01 11:38:56PM

as long as i'm not using Photoshot. this IS sweet! :)

good thing the only classic app i have open all the time is MS Entourage, not PhotoShop. it would be nice if there was a way to turn it off without having to log out.

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Doesn't work too well for me
Authored by: sabi on Nov 04, '01 01:40:36AM

I'm getting lots of problems from artifacts on the screen, to fonts not drawing, to some of my non-Classic windows getting messed up (especially nonstandard ones, it seems, Drop Drawers and LaunchBar both got messed up).

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Any hope of 10.1 + verion?
Authored by: skinlayers on Apr 25, '02 08:32:58AM

This hack sounds awesome, but I'm running OS X 10.1.4. Any hope of an update that will run under newer versions of OS X?

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