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Create a private mail server UNIX
OS X includes the standard UNIX 'sendmail' program, which can be configured to send and receive mail from the internet. Effectively, this means you can have an unlimited number of email accounts for yourself and family members. Setting up sendmail, however, can be quite tricky - especially if you want it to both send and receive internet mail.

There have been a number of tips posted here on dealing with this issue (try searching on 'sendmail'), but today's Mac Resource Page has the best start-to-finish description of the process that I've seen yet. The MRP covers getting a domain name, configuring sendmailsetting up users, and getting a POP server running to handle the routing of the mail.

If you have a full-time Internet connection and want to handle your own mail, give Eric's MRP a visit today! After today, you'll have to search for the October 30th posting to find the details.
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More about Email Servers and Mac OS X
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 31, '01 06:51:01AM

Stepwise has a very interesting article about "Email Servers and Mac OS X".

It's very thorough and cover programs like Postfix, Fetchmail, Procmail and secure transfer via SSL.

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DNS changes?
Authored by: vonleigh on Oct 31, '01 07:29:53PM


I was thinking of setting up a mail server as in the article. Here's the thing, I have a static IP and a domain name registered (although it's hosted by another company). How do I get the DNS to point to my IP? I know dyndns does it for $50 a year, but that would be for dynamic IP's. Is there a way to do it cheaper since i have a static ip?

I would like to run my own webserver/mail and save my hosting charges, since I have enough bandwith and now with MacOS X I trust my computer to be stable enough.

I've been looking for pages that give an explanation, but it's been hard to come by. I only found internic's explanation on resolvers <>.


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DNS changes?
Authored by: lorca on Oct 31, '01 10:48:16PM

free dns management

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DNS changes?
Authored by: vonleigh on Nov 01, '01 09:28:24PM

Great, thanks alot lorca.

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DNS changes?
Authored by: dhill on Nov 02, '01 11:09:48AM

Is there a service available that will point the domain to my OS X server that uses Dynamic IP address from the ISP?

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Try this one...
Authored by: robg on Nov 07, '01 07:12:53PM - you'll need to download the Mac OS X dyndns client, too. -rob.

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DNS changes?
Authored by: mzajac on Nov 07, '01 06:55:35PM
I've had pretty good good luck with They let you manage up to five domain names for free, with all of the features I can think of, including email forwarding.

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