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OroborOSX window manager for XFree86 UNIX
Check out OroborOSX. It is an X Window System (also known as X11) window manager that integrates X11 very nicely with OSX.

To quote from that web page, "The aim of OroborOSX is to make X11 windows look, and ultimately behave, as closely as possible to 'native' OS X windows." It's a very small application that's easy to install. It requires XDarwin and XFree86.

I'm using the latest version, 0.75 alpha 2 and am enjoying it much more than any other X window manager that I've tried. Take a look.
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OroborOSX window manager for XFree86 | 6 comments | Create New Account
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OroborOSX window manager
Authored by: matx666 on Nov 01, '01 03:12:42PM

This thing rocks! I am using XFree86 4.1, XDarwin 1.0a3, MacOS X 10.1 and MacGimp

This is simply the best window manager yet!! Easiest to install and most fun to use.

Thanks for the tip... I tried twm, afterstep and the orboros wm with MacGimp, but this OrborrOSX wm integrates and works beautifully with OSX. I am happily amazed.



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Fooled me!
Authored by: Xman on Nov 03, '01 02:49:00PM

Installed it. Started it. Thought it wasn't working right since the windows all looked like OSX. Then I noticed xeyes following me around. It's almost like Apple is supporting X Windows natively.

So far I've only installed ethereal, and it works great. I'll be looking at more X apps now.

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Still needs work
Authored by: reverie on Nov 04, '01 12:05:10AM

I would disagree that this is the best window manager yet. It's certainly nice that it looks like Aqua and has window interleaving, but it lacks certain important features that other WMs have. There's no keystroke to switch between windows, for example (it's essential while coding to be able to avoid using the mouse whenever possible). It would be nice to have virtual desktops--if anyone knows of any independent apps that provide that and work in darwin, I would love to hear about it. The startup programs functionality is a bit spotty, tho I imagine that will be fixed shortly.

In any case, I'm running it as my default WM, and I'll be looking forward eagerly to improvements!

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Interleaving an annoyance
Authored by: baba on Nov 07, '01 11:13:35AM

Window interleaving? Is that a bug or a feature? (I consider it a bug in OS X.) Can it be turned off?

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Interleaving an annoyance
Authored by: rzdroj on Nov 07, '01 11:33:50AM

OroborOSX comes with two scripts. One to turn on interleaving and the other
to turn it off. The default state on installation is interleaving off.

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Still needs work
Authored by: adrianu on Nov 07, '01 07:30:35PM

"Still needs work"

Guess that's why I'm still working... ;-)

"keystroke to switch between windows"

Command key shortcuts (including this) are due real soon...

"virtual desktops"

Never seen the point of these -I always found it more efficient to use the "Hide Application" capabilities of MacOS/OSX -try training yourself for two/three weeks to hit Cmd-H (or option-click in another app's window to hide the current app) and see if you find it better... (I always watch with amusement as I see other X11 users mousing/switching from virtual desktop to virtual desktop looking for that elusive window. :-)

But I am (right now!) updating OroborOSX so it can group together X11 windows into "X11 apps" and then allow operations to be performed on the group (i.e. bring forwards, hide, minimise, etc.) I think that will improve the situation somewhat.

Another thing missing is auto-focus (otherwise known as "focus-follows-mouse") -but there are technical reasons (to do with XDarwin) why OroborOSX cannot do this with interleaving at the moment. (But I'm considering allowing it, for now, if interleaving is off and XDarwin/OroborOSX is frontmost...) -there's an item in the Window menu just waiting for this to be sorted out, so that auto-focus (and auto-raise) can be activated, not only globally, but on a per-window basis...

"startup programs functionality is a bit spotty"

Sorry, wasn't clear what you're referring to here? The interleaving script? The way it launches XDarwin? Or do you mean the StartupItems file...? (Or the lack of decent GUI for it?)

"looking forward eagerly to improvements!"

There's quite a few major changes still to come -so I am too! :-)



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