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Play DVDs on your desktop Desktop
A co-worker of mine found the following information somewhere on the web...

If you make a PNG image (editor: TIFF also works) with the RGB values 0,16,0 and set it as your desktop picture (the hint he saw recommended using a 1 pixel by 1 pixel PNG) then your DVD player can play on your desktop. Start a DVD and then hide the player!

This also works with the Terminal app. You can set your Terminal background to RGB values of 0,16,0 (with no transparency, unfortunately) and whatever the DVD player is showing will play through the background.

[Editor's note: This little trick will NOT work on NVidia cards; much as ATI's can't take screenshots, NVidia's can't play DVDs with the colored window trick.]
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Anomaly after
Authored by: bluehz on Oct 29, '01 05:33:32AM

I tried this on my iBook 2001 last night and it works pretty good. One note I might add - the size of the image on the desktop is equal to the size of the DVD viewer window before you hide it. Full screen does not seem to be supported, so if you want an almost full desktop image you will have to enlarge the viewer window manually to fill the screen before hiding it.

Also - I noticed something very odd AFTER I tested the technique, then removed the special dekstop pattern and returned to my original desktop pattern (a dark blue). Whenever my screensaver (Plasma Tunnel) kicks in now - only the top-left 1/4of the screensaver is properly displayed, the lower and right 1/4's appear as if you had taken the screensaver and smeared it horiz and verically in a straight line across the screen. Very Odd!!!

I have not had time to try any other screensavers or anything to alleviate the oddity - so if anyone comes up with a solution, I would be greatful.

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Continue DVD as screen saver...
Authored by: badphydeaux on Oct 29, '01 07:13:36PM

You can continue to use the DVD as your screen saver by setting the Screen Saver to "Slide Show" and set it to look for slide show pics in a folder with your green dot and it will show the DVD as your screen saver...

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dvd in back gound
Authored by: oem on Nov 06, '01 01:22:08PM

The trick works fine with rbg values :0/16/0 in .tif or .png file format for the finder background.
But I also tried another trick : 0/7/0 for the RGB color values in windows background works too. (I first tried the first values but did not work on my Ti screen…)
this only works in thousands color depth.
I tried to take screenshots with grab-swapz or even with the returned classic "command-shift-3or4" with no success : no trace of the DVD I was playing in the screenshots!
only this kakiblack background. so no proof of what I says. but it works for me.

this is useless but funny.

You can also try the "SaveHollywood.saver" wich will play Quicktime movies for you - .mov, .mpeg, .divx, anything your QT player can play…

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