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Potential fix for missing ATI Rage Pro drivers System
At present, Mac OS X does not accelerate the video on ATI Rage Pro chipsets. However, it appears the 10.1 CD contains at least a preliminary solution to the problem. On the MacFixIt Tips and Hints board, the RagePro Fix thread contains "Sysadmin's" hack for enabling ATI Rage Pro support. Basically, the hack involves taking some drivers that are on the 10.1 update CD and placing them on your boot partition.

If you have a Rage Pro machine (I don't, otherwise I'd try this for sure!) and would like to try this out, respond here with a comment as to the success or failure of the experiment. Obviously, you should have a good backup going in, because I would guess that Apple did NOT enable these drivers for a reason! However, the fact that they are even there is good news for Rage Pro owners -- it appears support is coming, at some point.
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Potential fix for missing ATI Rage Pro drivers | 6 comments | Create New Account
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rage 128 pro
Authored by: sublinear on Oct 26, '01 01:14:00AM

do i need to do this if i've got a 128 pro? i see some rage128 things on my hd, but no pro stuff..

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rage 128 pro
Authored by: batmanppc on Oct 26, '01 11:04:27AM

the rage 128 drivers should cover anything that has rage128 in the name.

rage pro and rage 128 series are different chipsets.

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Maybe I'm an idiot
Authored by: tomsinclair on Oct 26, '01 03:09:27PM

but I read the instructions and it wasn't that clear to me exactly what I have to
do. Can someone in the know re-write them?

Also, I have a WallStreet so would this work for me? (I'm not much of a
hardware geek.)

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Authored by: bonkers on Oct 26, '01 10:35:21PM

I have a wallstreet too and it worked. see below

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tried the hack and ...
Authored by: bonkers on Oct 26, '01 10:33:26PM

although my system is completely corrupted ...(kidding)
Actually the hack went smoothly. I do notice slightly faster window resizing, dock magnification, etc., but it is definitely not blazing (like my G4 MP 533 ;) – can you feel that huh?! huh?!). The window resizing and minimizing/maximizing from the dock seem to happen more quickly, although there is still skipping.

Thanks for the tip.


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Full 10.1 Installation
Authored by: legacyb4 on Nov 17, '01 11:41:11PM

Can anyone confirm if this is necessary if you are running a full 10.1 install (not from the update)?

I'm running a G4/400 AGP w/ATI Rage128Pro as well...


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