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Permanent mouse speed-up System
Although I've previously published an article on Turbocharging Your Mouse", the method described in that article had problems - it didn't stick after a screensaver or USB hub switch, for example.

Carsten Klapp has addressed the problem in a much lower-level manner, by creating the AppleUSBMouse Turbo Edition kernel extension. Carsten modified the Darwin source code to greatly speed up the mouse tracking. His page details how he did this, and provides enough information for you to hack the file yourself, if you're so inclined and have the Dev Tools installed. The nice thing about the low-level solution is that it changes the actual default "slow" speed ... so even though I still have the problem of the mouse speed getting reset when I use my switchbox, it actually gets reset to a HIGHER speed than where I left it!

I'll probably tweak the driver a bit for my own tastes; the method of increasing the speed (by lowering the resolution) seems to make the mouse a bit jumpy. Still, this is a GREAT improvement over the stock settings. For fun, set your mouse speed slider all the way to the right and jump from screen edge to screen edge by just thinking about it!

This is a kernel extension, and theretically could do Bad Things to your computer. However, it doesn't replace any Apple parts, it merely sits on top of them. Also, I've been running it for a few days with no ill effects (other than a reset of my 'uptime' after the first install - you have to restart to get the new extension to load over the default one). If you do have a problem, simply delete the installed extension and reboot (instructions are on Carsten's page).

The beauty of open-source -- if you don't like something and you've got the skills, you can change it!
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Speedy mouse
Authored by: bozhe_moy on Oct 24, '01 10:26:23PM

defaults write -globalDomain -float 9.9
works for me. I shut down computer (Powerbook Pismo) or remove USB Microsoft mouse and I still have set settings in


No need for installing extension package you describe.

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I envy you...
Authored by: robg on Oct 25, '01 01:24:43AM

On my G4's, both at home and work, anything that affects the USB mouse loses the speed settings - sleetp, USB switchbox, unplug and replug ... whatever. I do something to it, it comes back at half speed.


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I envy you...
Authored by: heavyboots on Nov 01, '01 08:35:37PM

With regards to the mouse speed dropping after sleep, I've discovered that there is a glitch in some 3rd party screen savers that can cause this. I started using Xirtam a couple of days ago. Noticed the mouse slow-down randomly occuring and finally traced it to my screen saver. When I switched to Sproingees the problem disappeared.


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Speedy mouse
Authored by: Another osX User on Oct 25, '01 04:58:54PM

This kext has been the most elegant solution for me, my G4, and my Kennsington USB mouse.

The biggest problems I have with the defaults command is that opening the mouse control panel resets them, you have to log out & log back in for the change to take place, and games such as Q3 and RtCW change the setting.

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Speedy mouse
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 25, '01 10:48:03PM

Check out for a preferencepane that will let you set your souse rediculously fast! I like setting it between 2 and 2.5

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