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Apple intros iPod and iTunes2 Press Rel
Not directly OS X related, but Apple's much-hyped introduction today is the iPod, a new 1,000 song MP3 player. Key specs include a 5gb hard drive, firewire (transfer an entire CD in under 10 seconds), 20 minute skip protection, and auto-synchronize with the iTunes library. Any space on the hard drive that's not used for music will mount as a spare partition on your desktop (neat). Priced at $399, it can be ordered as of today from the Apple store, and will ship starting November 10th.

In addition, Apple also announed iTunes2, available in November as a free download. The key features include cross-fading between songs, burning MP3 CD's, and a graphic equalizer. CD burning is also claimed to be up to twice as fast as it was previously.

Editorial: I find the iPod player fairly interesting, but not enough so to actually order one at this point (might have to put it on the Christmas list, though!). The new iTunes2, however, looks like a real winner. Cross fading and an equalizer, faster burning, and MP3 burning support are all great wins, and it's still going to be a free download! There's no mention on the page about "OS X", but I'm assuming it will be available for both OS 9 and OS X ... if it's not OS X only.
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Authored by: Cadre on Oct 23, '01 03:29:21PM

I haven't seen this anywhere, but can you play mp3s that are stored on the iPod without have to transfer them back to your computer?

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Authored by: bhines on Oct 23, '01 04:22:27PM

Rember, this is firewire, and it auto syncs. As the PR states with firewire you can "transfer a whole CD in 10 seconds".

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Authored by: plink53 on Oct 23, '01 04:41:28PM

The iPod appears to be acting as a very small Mac with a standard disk drive using a variation of iTunes. As such, the mp3 files it stores should be the same as the files on your Mac--drag them back and forth at will.

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Authored by: Cadre on Oct 25, '01 08:25:45PM

According this NYTimes Article the iPod can not be used to transfer MP3s to other computers. Doesn't look like you'll be able to use it as a storage unit that your desktop could mp3s from.

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Authored by: Cadre on Oct 25, '01 08:32:01PM

After researching it even further, it turns out that you can get the mp3s back off the iPod. iTunes2 just won't let you do it. You'll have to just copy the mp3s off manually.

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Correction - iPod can't play mp3s in data section
Authored by: Cadre on Oct 25, '01 11:07:09PM

Okay, this is the last time I'll post to this thread. I swear.

There are two sections to the HD on the iPod. The data section and the music section. The player only plays mp3s in the music section, which can't be copied. Now, if you put mp3s in the data section, they can be copied to other computers, but the iPod can't play them.


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Also has firewire target-disk mode
Authored by: sjonke on Oct 23, '01 06:31:08PM

Which means it can just act like a normal firewire hard drive and that will allow you to play tunes from it without copying them to your Mac. Also, there are synching preferences and you can turn off auto-synching.

IMHO the iPod is way cool and I imagine the name indicates that we will see more uses for the iPod in the future that aren't necessarily music related. Could the firewire port be used for adding features and capabilities via add-on modules?

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Also has firewire target-disk mode
Authored by: percy on Oct 23, '01 10:15:29PM

Yep, that's right. The iPod's firmware is upgradable, or replacable or whatever. Also, I suspect that MacOS won't be the only os that's got drivers to handle the iPod. It's a firewire harddrive, how hard can it be. And when some 14 years old linux geek starts playing around with the firmware, well... I guess we'll be seeing a gameboy emulator for the iPod soon. :-)

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iPod $$$???
Authored by: shadylnstudio on Oct 23, '01 07:15:56PM

How many copies of 10.1 at $20.00 a pop have they sold since it came out. And now ladies and gentlemen, a "way-cool" device that only the rich and the famous will be able to enjoy. Come on - who we kidding here? What do I want to do with 1000 songs at $400.00. Sounds like my kid will get the CD Walkman for Christmas.

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iPod $$$???
Authored by: bhines on Oct 24, '01 02:41:39AM
This being a firewire hard drive, it is in competition with stuff like: This $349 mini 6GB portable FW HD The iPod is significantly smaller and is also an MP3 player which is powered and charges from the FW port! Seriously folks, this isnt a "steal" but the price is reasonable for what you get.

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Re: iPod $$$???
Authored by: percy on Oct 24, '01 04:35:13AM

No, it isn't steal. You do get a lot of value for the money spent.
That said, I don't think that many are going to buy it anyway. It's just too damn expensive!

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iPod $$$???
Authored by: macubergeek on Oct 24, '01 11:02:37AM

Apple's timing couldn't be worse. WE ARE IN A RECESSION. Hell I've always suspected that the denzions of Cupertino were out of touch with the rest of the world....this proves it.
Yes it's a nice mp3 player...but it's still an expensive MP3 player and mp3 players are a luxury item. In a time of global cutbacks in the tech sector, the idea of being the coolest techie in the unemployment line dosn't appeal to me. I'd rather spend the money on things that would add to my skillset in uncertain times. Using movie star Jeff Goldbloom and rockstar Smashmouth or whatever his name is, is offensive....
The digital lifestyle Apple keeps blathering about incresingly includes tremendous economic uncertainty Apple...wake up!!!

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iPod $$$???
Authored by: evildan on Oct 25, '01 11:22:45AM
This is exactly what I think. Apple has always been too expensive... Steve still hasn't learned how to price an item. He's always a bit higher than high. (maybe in more ways than one).

The Cube, and now the iPod, are prefect examples of this. I would have purchased a cube, let's face it, they look cool... regardless of the fact that they don't run very well. But they are way too expensive for a machine that you cannot expand.

The iPod's price should be $250 - $300 MAX!!! I would see that as still bit expensive, but I could shell it out, being the Apple loyalist that I am.

I can see using the iPod as an external firewire drive... That would justify the spending... but $400! Come on Apple wake up... who is going to buy this thing?!?!

The iMac philosophy was the correct philosophy... quality - cool looking - slightly higher priced than the other guys - and all in one - easy to use.

The iPod has the same apeal, but the price... they are about a hundred dollars off the mark... which takes it from being the big XMas craze to another dead product line (like the cube).

Imagine that... maybe we should change our motto... "PRICE DIFFERENT!!"


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iPod revisited
Authored by: SeanAhern on Dec 03, '04 02:38:38PM

It's fascinating reading comments like this years later. Where people predicted, basically, that the iPod was way overpriced to the point that no one would really buy one.

Things like this make me think that Steve Jobs really knows what he's doing. :-)

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iTunes 2 filenames
Authored by: shacker on Oct 24, '01 12:06:10AM

Weird that the iTunes 2 page doesn't mention anything about offering filenaming convention options during encoding. That's my single biggest gripe with it, that it doesn't let you create nice, long, descriptive filenames. Argh! Drives me crazy. Anyone know of a good Carbon utility that will let you drop an MP3 folder, parse it for ID3 tags, and rename files on a custom naming convention?

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iTunes 2 filenames
Authored by: sekalreed on Oct 24, '01 01:55:01AM

MP3 Rage:

quoting from their page:

"MP3 Rage is the definitive collection of tools for MP3 enthusiasts. You can search for and download thousands of MP3's from the Internet using the Napster(tm) music sharing system and the Gnutella file sharing system, edit ID3 tags, analyze MP3's and adjust their sound volume automatically to play at similar levels, export MP3 files to AIFF format for burning CD's, play MP3 files, catalog, organize, rename, find, and change thousands of MP3 files and their ID3 tags quickly and painlessly. It does all this with a clean, powerful, and easy-to-use interface."

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iTunes 2 filenames
Authored by: shacker on Oct 24, '01 04:45:03AM

Righteous, thanks. Just what I was looking for.

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iTunes 2 filenames
Authored by: zs on Oct 26, '01 06:02:31PM

Or you can go the free route and check out this AppleScript I hacked together.
It's worked in every case of mine...
It may take some scripting to get the file names in whatever format.

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And AppleScript support???
Authored by: DougAdams on Oct 24, '01 12:28:27PM

Has anyone heard ANYTHING about better AS support in iTunes 2? I do all of my MP3 work using SoundJam only because of the scripting (visit my AS for SJ site at But its getting more difficult scripting for a Classic app with AppleScript 1.7.

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Finally saw one...
Authored by: robg on Nov 16, '01 09:38:57PM

Went to the local Computer Store this evening and got some hands-on time with the iPod. Very impressive in person. About the same size as a deck of cards but a bit heavier, very solid feeling, and a completely intuitive user interface. Looks quite elegant, and made impressively loud noises through the powered speakers!

Now where'd I put that spare $399? ;-)


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