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Background: my email is delivered to my OSX machine via sendmail. My ISP sends mail every time I make a connection. I leave running 24x7 and have set it to scan my Unix mailbox every minute.

There's a bug in OSX 10.0.* and 10.1's that prevents audio notification for unix mailbox deliveries. A simple solution for this is to use's mail filtering rules. Enter's preferences, then ...

select "Rules"
select "Create Rule"
select Criteria "To" + "Contains"
type "@" in the text field.
Enable "Action "Play Sound"
Choose a sound to play when mail arrives.
Click 'OK'

Now drag you new rule to the top of the list. Note: I used "To:" "Contains" "@", so that any mail with an "@" in the recipients address triggers the audio notification. Local mail, e.g. cron generated output, is sent without "@" in the address, so I don't hear their arrival.
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Authored by: pieromenno on Oct 25, '01 01:49:43PM
Hi, my under 10.1 still has the bug already mentioned, but with further strange behaviour:
in all my POP3 accounts Mail leaves mail on server (even if this option is turned off) and send me only the latest message (I can't see previous messages before the latest).
I am forced tu use Eudora under Classic, which is also influenced by bug: once I try to use Mail in one POP3 account, Eudora download all the messages, but leaves them on the server (with the opposite setting in the corresponding panel). The only solution I found was to clear and rebuild my mailbox in my POP3 mail server (I have access to mail server).
Are there other workarounds? TIA!

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scanning /var/mail/username
Authored by: geoffsaulnier on Nov 14, '01 05:56:44PM

How do you get to do this? I have everything configured in 10.1 the same as it was in 10.04, except that in 10.04 I had a mailbox named ACTIVE and that was the only way I could get it to pull the mail from /var/mail/username.

Under 10.1, it keeps sticking a mailbox called INBOX in there. If i rename it to ACTIVE, it makes ACITVE a folder and then creates a new, empty INBOX.

This is driving me crazy - sendmail is correctly dumpin the mail in /var/mail for each user, but cannot read it?!!!?!?!

Any workarounds? Any correct solutions? What am I doing wrong? Someone please help me!


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slightly better
Authored by: geoffsaulnier on Nov 16, '01 08:23:31AM

I fixed my with sendmail (mail in /var/mail/username) problem and have submitted a tip on that.

In testing the fix, I used sendmail to send myself mail from the local machine straight into /var/mail/geoff and noticed that this New Mail Chime workaround did not work for these. Why? Because mail send from the system does not always have an @ in the To: or From; fields.

To fix this, click on the Criteria Dropdown menu where you have To selected and chose Expert. In this screen, add a header called Message-Id and then select that instead of To in the Citeria section. That should now Chime for any kind of new mail.

To see this header, select a message and choose Message - Show All Headers. You will see that, even for systems messages, Message-Id contains @localhost or @hostname.

Geoff - Mac, *NIX, perl, hack!!

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