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Scanning without supported device drivers Apps
I have a quite old UMAX Astra 600S (SCSI) scanner that I haven't even tried to use in OS X in over a year, as UMAX has not released an OS X driver for it -- and probably never will, given that it relies on SCSI and is very old. So I'd been rebooting into OS 9 whenever I wanted to scan something.

I'd seen occasional notices on the web about VueScan from Hamrick Software, but never paid it much attention as it was always described as an application for "film scanners". Still, I put it on the list of things I'd like to take a look at just to see if it might work ... of course, that list is quite long and there's always interesting stuff coming out that gets added, so it takes a while to get to everything :-).

This morning I finally got around to downloading and running VueScan for OS X ... and I now have a very functional UMAX SCSI scanner in OS X! VueScan is actually an incredibly capable general purpose scanning program which supports tons of scanners over a number of interfaces - SCSI, FireWire, and USB. There's a complete list (along with a short list of unsupported scanners) on the VueScan web site.

VueScan is a $40 shareware application which can be fully tested without registering - but all scans get a grey cross-hatch until you registor. So now I'm into research and decision mode between keeping my old SCSI scanner running or investing a bit more money in a newer, smaller, higher resolution FireWire model with OS X support (any thoughts on Agfa, HP?). But at least now I have a choice; until this morning, I thought new hardware was my only alternative.

If you've got an unsupported scanner, give VueScan's web page a quick look to see if they support your model.
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And remember...
Authored by: Jadey on Oct 14, '01 11:57:51AM

And remember... don't say anything negative about VueScan or the author will drop Mac support in the blink of an eye.

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And remember...
Authored by: rusto on Oct 14, '01 12:28:43PM

Been using VueScan with my Umax Powerlook 1100 for a week now, works well in OSX once you get used to the UI.

I'd be more inclined to think that Ed Hamrick (developer of VueScan) would be more inclined to IMPROVE the app rather than drop it if he got constructive input on how to make it better.

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And remember...
Authored by: christurkel on Oct 14, '01 01:47:56PM

He's got thin skin. When he dropped Mac support once he posted some the emails he got. They were nasty alright but then he had the audacity to say Windows users don't give him this kind of trouble. So you mean out of millions of Windows users not one sends you nasty grams like this? Gimme a break!

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Attitude vs. reality
Authored by: robg on Oct 14, '01 02:44:34PM

The reality of the situation, for me and a number of others, is VueScan or a new scanner. Since VueScan works and is available now, that makes it an option I didn't have before.

Since Ed Hamrick wrote the software, he certainly has the right to make it available for whichever platforms he chooses.

If his attitude concerns you, and you're in the position I am, then the option is buy a new scanner. To save $50, though, I'll probably risk whatever 'attitude' he may or may not have (I didn't follow the ruckus earlier). After all, the software will work at least until Apple tweaks the OS again in a major way. I don't need any more features than it currently offers, so future upgrades aren't that relevant to me. So unless someone offers up a great FireWire scanner with good OS X drivers for under $100, I'm probably going to purchase a license. One less reason to boot back into OS 9!


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Attitude vs. reality
Authored by: rusto on Oct 14, '01 03:01:37PM

Welp, my scanner cost considerably MORE than $100 so the shareware fee was a no-brainer.

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Scanner costs...
Authored by: robg on Oct 14, '01 04:22:05PM

Sorry, didn't mean to imply scanners were cheap ... just MY scanner! I have simple needs, so I need a simple scanner. Certainly for a more expensive scanner VueScan is a no brainer.


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And remember...
Authored by: shryn on Oct 15, '01 04:51:19AM

I bought a Nikon Coolscan IV a few months ago, which came bundled with some pretty good software, but for batch scanning the thousands of slides I have, VueScan is a dream. OS 9 or X it just works beautifully and at a great price, too.

Steve Hryncewicz

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AGFA e20
Authored by: Sting on Oct 16, '01 12:16:01AM

My pa's running an e20 - a low end AGFA scanner. It was reliable and easy to use under 9.x, but after upgrading him to 10.1 I realized they had no official software. Their site, however, has a now-month-old beta of an os x scanwise which runs flawlessly!

usb, mind you.


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UMAX 1220U please!
Authored by: mccabem on Jan 12, '02 03:43:06AM

Please include full compatibility with Umax USB flatbeds as soon as possible. It's $40 in your pocket if you can do it!

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Acer ScanPrisa 620ST+ & VueScan?
Authored by: michellette on Sep 03, '02 11:04:02PM

Do any other readers have this scanner? All I can find on the Vuescan site is reference to support "for all Acer flatbeds" -- but I'm not having any luck, when I open VueScan it says "no scanner found". Tried (a) turning off Classic (b) checking cables (c) turning on scanner prior to booting ...

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you --

Beige G3 Rev B. (built-in SCSI), OSX10.1.5

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Acer ScanPrisa 620ST+ & VueScan?
Authored by: Speijk on Jan 20, '03 02:15:24AM


You might try to upgrade to OSX 10.2. As Vuescan's site mentions there are SCS related bugs in 10.1 on the Beige G3's that are solved in 10.2
Does the scanner show up in the Apple profiler?

I have a Beige G3 rev 2 also, but even with 10.2.3 my old Umax 600s SCSI scanner will not work :(

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UMAX and OSX not working here
Authored by: Speijk on Jan 20, '03 02:28:37AM

Hello Robg,

What system and OX version are you using? I have a Beige G3 Rev Bl, running OSX 10.2.3, with a Umax 600s. Vuescan does not see the scanner and it also doesn't show up in the Apple profiler (should it?). A SCSI disk is working and the scanner works perfectly with OS9 so I don't think it is a HW problem.


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