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Localize the Apple menu Apps
ok, this is great stuff, i hope developers will read this and change their apps accordingly...

when you run mac os x in any of its localized versions, the apple menu switches from your preferred language to english if you happen to start a program which is not yet localized.

i just found out that by simply creating a folder inside "/contents/resources" (within the application) and naming it "Yourlanguage.lproj" - where "Yourlanguage" is ...uhm... your language ;) ... the apple menu shows up in your language (in the "patched" application, that is).

now, i don't want to patch all my english-only apps just to add consistency to my german system. but i do think all developers should simply add all language-folders to their apps, even if they don't have translated resources and thus have to leave these folders empty...

[Editor's note: Interesting. I tested this and it worked as described - I switched my International panel language setting to German, and then put an empty "German.lproj" folder inside a non-localized program called "Flame" ... when I launched it again, I had a German Apple menu!]
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Of course...
Authored by: bhines on Oct 12, '01 10:01:35PM

Havent you all read "Inside mac OS X- System Overview" ? _anyone_ reading this site should definitely read that PDF. It explains lots of stuff, including this, and is mostly not that technical.

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Of course...
Authored by: bhines on Oct 12, '01 10:12:21PM

Ahh, misread the post. Interesting, this actually sounds like it might be a bug in OSX. I would think that the Apple menu should go localized even without the folder.

Perhaps apple is thinking developers would prefer consistency in their own app - that is if some of the menus are in english, they all should be.

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Of course...
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 13, '01 07:45:28AM

yeah, i thought of the "consistency inside an application". but since the apple menu is not part of the app, but rather part of the system (as is the dock, e.g.), the menu shouldn't switch languages. but there's a problem... :)))

just found out that the technique localizes parts of the "window"-menu, too: bring all to front and hide/show toolbar. aaaaaaaaargh, there goes the consistency - you win some, you lose some, i guess.

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