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Resetting Appleshare client login prefs Network
Curious - changed the "Options.." for "AppleShare Client" for Mac OS X and not know how to return those settings to the defaults?

If you have played around with the options found behind the "Options.." button on the login screen for a server when using the Mac OS X Client, and can not log onto a server any more, or received the error message "-5002 Bad UAM," then you might find this helpful.

The options that can be changed in the Options dialog are:
  • Add Password to Keychain
  • Allow Clear Text Password
  • Warn when sending password in cleartext
If any options are changed, and you are unable to return to this dialog to undo those changes, you can try the following. Go to your Keychain Access application, and remove your keychain entry for that and other volumes for that server.

If that does not work, please read the rest of this article for a couple of other options to restore the full functionality of the Connect to Server dialog box.

The second method (this is the only thing that worked for me) is more complicated
  1. Open the Users System Preference Panel.
  2. Create a new admin user for your machine.
  3. Logout, and login as this user.
  4. Go through the AppleShare Client process and log into a server.
  5. Now log out of this user.
  6. Log back in as yourself.
  7. Locate the file called in the following path:
    /Users/{new user}/Library/Preferences
  8. Copy this file to the exact same location in your user directory, replacing the existing file.
This will solve the problem of getting back to the "Options.." or preferences for the AppleShare Client.

Expert Mode:
The file called has the preferences for the AppleShare Client. Simply deleting the file will not recreate the file with defaults. The default file contains the following options:
[Editor's caution: This portion of the submission was not entirely clear (due to a Geeklog-HTML bug) as to the exact content of the default file. I did my best to recreate it, but you'd be best off to print a stock one (from a new user, perhaps) as a double-check]

There are more options I am sure, but these are the only ones that are in this file by default. You can change the values that follow the tag pairs and change that option. Hope this help the next person get of troubleshooting for 4 hours straight!
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Thank you!
Authored by: TechLarry on Apr 13, '02 09:59:28PM

I don't know who this Anonymous Gent is, but you saved my ASS tonight!

I screwed around and set the "Disallow Plain-Text Passwords" or something like that, and started getting those 5002 errors you mention.

Thank You!

Until I read this, the only way I could get to the server was by using the Microsoft UAM, which doesn't allow saving passwords in the keychain and causes auto-mount issues with iTunes.


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Appleshare Prefs Resetting
Authored by: Anoble on May 03, '02 11:20:23AM

I also agree, this solved a problem that I've been working for six weeks.

A user in our office logged into another AppleShare server outside of our LAN. At the login dialog, he hit the OPTIONS button and toggled the "Allow Clear Text Passwords" to Off. He also hit the "Save Preferences" button which apparently saves these settings globally.

Subsequent attempts to login to our AppleShare server yielded the "Services are no longer available ...5002" error. Deleting the prefs file and allowing the prefs to rebuild did not solve the problem.

I edited a prefs file ({user}\ Library\ Preferences\ from a machine that could log in and compared the two, Changing the value from true to false for the line: <key> enableClearTextAuth<.key> solved this problem.

Thanks to Anonymous for the original posting.

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Thank You
Authored by: rosXco on Jul 16, '02 04:16:06PM

Thank You...Thank You...

I've been using the CIFS:// protocol for months (very slow)


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plist moved in Jaguar
Authored by: houchin on Sep 27, '02 03:46:18PM

Just in case anyone has this same problem in Jaguar...

Apple has moved that plist for AFP mounting in to

and the dictionary entry names are a bit different.

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Resetting Appleshare client login prefs
Authored by: m.miller on Jun 06, '03 02:52:38PM

I could not find the .globalpreferences.plist in os 10.2.6

Nor did modifying the AppleShareClientPrefs.plist make a difference

I finally just logged onto an AFP server running 9.2 and at the login dialog hit the "options"

Then I could log onto our W2K server with clear text back on!

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Resetting Appleshare client login prefs
Authored by: sphen on Jul 11, '03 06:16:30PM

the file is hidden. you must go into the Terminal to change it or use a utility such as Cocktail to show hidden files in the Finder.

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Resetting Appleshare client login prefs
Authored by: djdavetrouble on Mar 29, '05 04:02:35PM

you didn't find the .globalpreferences file because it has a '.' leading the filename, which is a hidden unix file. Finder does not show hidden files, and if you are in the terminal you must issue an 'ls -a' command. the -a flag indicates show hidden files ( a stands for all). By the way, just used this hint on a jaguar machine and it worked great. I didn't even have to go to the user's desk, just ssh'd to his machine and vi'd that pref file, then had him log out and back in.

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