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Easily print Finder windows Apps
One of the things that's (currently?) missing from OS X is the ability to quickly print a list of files from a Finder window. In prior Mac OS's, a simple command-P would get you the list. In OS X, though, you have to use a workaround. I use three different ways of getting a directory listing:
  1. Open a terminal, "cd" to the directory, then "ls" the contents. Highlight the output, then select Shell -> Print and choose "Selection". This worked, but it was a bit convoluted and the output wasn't pretty.

  2. In the Finder, open the directory and select all (command-A) then switch to a text editor (command-tab) then paste (command-V) and then print (command-P) the resulting list. This was my preference, as it was all keyboard based and quite fast. But still, it's just a list of files and I had to hand-type the name of the directory at the top of the list.
But yesterday, Searchware Solutions released Print Window. This slick piece of freeware does just one job, but does it well - it prints Finder windows. It will output the name of the directory, filenames, and optionally the file icons, and it has some nice additions, such as automatically expanding sub-folders, and controlling how many columns are used for output and the size of the printed icons.

To run it, simply place it in your dock, select a Finder window (in column view mode, highlight the folder to print), and then click the dock icon. Very simple and elegant.

Until (if?) Apple gets around to restoring "Print Window" capabilities to the Finder, I'll be using PrintWindow as a stand-in.
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Or you can use Snapz Pro X
Authored by: moki on Oct 11, '01 10:05:20AM

You can also just Snapz Pro X to print Finder windows -- or anything else you see on your screen, for that matter...

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Authored by: robg on Oct 11, '01 10:20:26AM

Andrew - I thought about SnapzPro, but I didn't see a way to capture really long directories that extend beyond the window -- am I missing something?

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BBEdit is also an option
Authored by: jbravo on Jan 10, '02 10:05:11AM

If you're using BBEdit (if you're not, you ought to be) then you have two other options...
1. Drag the folder to an open BBEdit document: BBEdit creates a list of all the files, including the name of the folder, but no icons, or...
2. Drag the folder to BBEdit's application icon (or an alias in your Doc or Toolbar): BBEdit opens a Disk Browser window listing all the files with icons that you can print, but it does not print the name of the folder

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BBEdit is also an option
Authored by: ssevenup on Mar 15, '05 05:26:36PM

So is BareBones TextWrangler (free)

Mark Moorcroft
Sys. Admin.

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Apple/Shift/4 for a screenshot
Authored by: quincyharlan on Feb 05, '04 11:35:32AM

Another work around is to make a screenshot of the window, which creates a PDF on your desktop. Open and print the PDF, then pitch it. This of course only works if your file list fits visibly on your monitor. For really long lists you'd have to scroll down and create multiple PDFs, which gets unwieldy...

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Apple/Shift/4 for a screenshot
Authored by: qwerty denzel on Mar 15, '05 10:39:02PM

Try Cmd-Shift-Cntl-4 for copying the picture to the clipboard then you can make a new document in Preview with the 'New From Clipboard' (Cmd-N) menu item.

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Easily print Finder windows
Authored by: santoscork on Apr 22, '13 07:03:48AM

EASY - Why all the complication

1) Copy from the Finder Window
2) Command-Alt-Shift-V

It will echo the Name column from a Finder window to say TextEdit

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