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Enter sleep mode from login screen System
If you'd like to put your Mac to sleep while sitting at the login screen, there's a way to do it ... at least, there is if you have an eject key on your keyboard. Control-eject will bring up a "restart, sleep, or shutdown" dialog box, even while logged out. So just log out and then hit control-eject, and you can put your machine to sleep.

It also works, of course, while logged in. I'm not sure of any workarounds for non-eject-key keyboards. Anyone?
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power key
Authored by: zmagyar on Oct 11, '01 04:10:05AM

at any time you can use the power key to bring up a dialog showing you a shutdown, reboot ans sleep option, just press "S" when the dialog is on the screen and the system will go to sleep. I'm not sure that I tried it after upgrade to 10.1 but in 10.0.4 and in all OS 9 versions it worked

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power key
Authored by: Jon on Oct 11, '01 08:04:23AM

Newer macs goes to sleep directly if you just push the power button on the computer, or (if you have one) the apple-display. No dialog is involved.

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power key, power key
Authored by: thinkyhead on Oct 21, '02 03:02:53AM

...and if you hold in the power key long enough the system will shut down.

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More keyboard shortcuts
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Oct 11, '01 02:54:22PM

Also... Command-Control-Eject = Restart (not a forced restart like the old three finger slaute!)

Command-Option-Contol-Eject = Shutdown

On Macs without an Eject key, F12 works to eject the CD ... haven't tried that with the above combination though.

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F12 = no go
Authored by: robg on Oct 11, '01 04:24:09PM

I tried this yesterday; it didn't work with the other keys. The power key on newer Macs definitely works.

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what id really like to know...
Authored by: ppmax on Oct 18, '01 03:51:33AM how to enable the screen saver at the login screen. i saw a hack for this a while ago but cant find it.



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And one more key combo...
Authored by: thinkyhead on Oct 21, '02 03:00:53AM

Command-option-eject to sleep right away.

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What I'd like to know...
Authored by: overstim on Dec 09, '01 09:44:45AM

is how to keep my computer AWAKE when its on the login screen! Or even better, sleep the monitor but keep the coomputer awake, so my web site will stay up.

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...and the Answer
Authored by: thinkyhead on Oct 21, '02 03:11:06AM

Use the Energy Saver control panel. Set the computer to NEVER SLEEP and have it sleep the display separately after the shortest reasonable interval - say 5 minutes or so. For a web server you should uncheck "Put the hard disk to sleep when possible."

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