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Disable the column-view preview panel Desktop
I've been following OSX since beta and I haven't seen this tip anywhere. If you edit the file in /Users/username/Library/Preferences, you can disable the preview pane in column view.

NOTE: All angle brackets are shown as square brackets in the following examples -- do not change them from angle brackets!

Open the file in TexEdit or some other text editor and scroll to the following area:
Within that [clmv] section, look for:
Change the "true" to "false" (leave the "/"!) and then relaunch (via force-quit) the Finder. Now when you open column view, you will no longer get the preview pane! I found this out simply by looking at the preferences in the terminal using the "defaults" command and testing different values.

Editor's addition: There are a couple of other keys that do interesting things as well. Changing ColumnShowFolderArrow to 'false' removes the right-facing arrow that lets you drill down; changing ColumnShowIcons to 'false' removes the icons in front of the object names.

On my work machine, the entire [clmv] section was missing from finder.plist. I got a copy of the entire file from kaboom, and inserted the [clmv] key into my finder.plist file. If you're missing this section, too, read the rest of the article for a how-to on what you need to insert.

Insert the following just below the opening '[dict]' tag under 'StandardViewOptions':
As in the above, make sure you use angle brackets, not the square brackets shown here. If you make a mistake and save a badly damaged file, just throw it away - the Finder will make a new one for you.
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"List view" as default?
Authored by: DragonsBane on Oct 09, '01 08:47:01PM

Is there a way to disable column view as the default view when finding files in apps? I find it terribly slow and disorienting. I would like the "list view" as my default navigation and view for all windows. Any help?

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Hear, hear
Authored by: Carthag on Oct 11, '01 07:17:39PM

I've been looking for the same thing ... is it possible? Must be, but how?

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To get the [clmv] section...
Authored by: appleicious on May 21, '02 02:08:50AM

If your finder.plist doesn't have the [clmv] section, you can make finder create one for you:

1) Make sure finder.plist is closed
2) Resize a column in column view (by dragging one of the vertical bars)
3) Open the file and voila!

Finder will have added the [clmv] section complete with [ShowPreview]=false. Just set that to true and you're done.

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Authored by: appleicious on May 21, '02 02:11:21AM

Finder will set [ShowPreview]=true. You're trying to turn it off, so set it to false. :)

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Disable the column-view preview panel
Authored by: pixelnickel on Apr 21, '06 09:12:54AM

I'm trying to open my finder.plist in a text editor but it seems like it's not a text file in Tiger. Has this changed ? And is there a way to disable that preview in column-view using Tiger ?

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