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Getting XDarwin running in 10.1 UNIX
/. is running a slashback ditty about users having trouble with XDarwin under 10.1. I've got it running fine, here's the gotchas.

Firstly, the general installation overview is summarized in a previous MacOSXHints article, so I won't rehash that here. Once you have xf86 4.1 and XDarwin 1.0a3 installed, minor tweakage is needed for great justice. The problem is that the xinit binary is not in the default shell's path, I fixed that at the user level by creating a .cshrc file (which belongs in your home directory: cd ~ to get there). Here's how: Obviously, use vi or whatever to create the file. For the contents, first issue this command to an open shell window:

echo $PATH

This will give you your current (and likely your default) path. Highlight the path and copy it. In your newly created .cshrc file, you need a line saying:

setenv PATH [paste default $path here]:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/X11/bin

You may also want to add a line for the man pages; the procedure is the same, but use echo $MANPATH for the default, and:

sentenv MANPATH [paste default $manpath here]:/usr/X11R6/man

(Note-it's hard to see due to the formatting, but between the copy/paste stuff and the new lines is a :, make sure it gets there)

After doing the above, I have a working XDarwin under 10.1. While you're hacking your .cshrc file, you may also want to check out another previous MacOSXHints article on ssh-see the first comment for another tasty usage of the .cshrc file... Also note-I'm sure this can be done at the system level, but don't know offhand where it's done, if anybody knows by all means post it on this thread...
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Getting XDarwin running in 10.1 | 13 comments | Create New Account
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How to set your path
Authored by: serversurfer on Oct 03, '01 04:33:08AM

Your default paths are set in the file 'usr/share/init/tcsh/login'. The
method for defining the PATH differs from the method for MANPATH, but
they should be self-explanatory.
You generally want to ADD path components in your ~/.cshrc (or ~/.tcshrc,
which is what I use, and no, I don't know the difference) The proper
syntax for this is:

setenv PATH /usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/X11/bin:{$PATH}
setenv MANPATH /usr/X11R6/man:{$MANPATH}

The {braces} tell the shell to echo the $variable to the 'setenv' command,
and putting it the end of the command makes sure you search your xfree86
stuff first. (Path components are searched in order until the first matching
file is found.

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How to set your path
Authored by: JoeHope on Oct 03, '01 07:47:25PM

I get curly braces in my path variable when I set my path this way.
Is this significant?

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Braces in your path
Authored by: serversurfer on Oct 04, '01 02:00:36AM

I am guessing that it is significant, but I can not reproduce this myself to see
what is going wrong. Check the syntax of the above commands, and make sure you
are entering them correctly. If you still get braces in the echo of your path,
post the commands you are using and the resultant echo of your paths.
Copy and paste whatever is in the Terminal in to the post.

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My Bad
Authored by: JoeHope on Oct 04, '01 07:42:20PM

Sorry. My attempt had quotes. As a potentially interesting side note,
the braces only appeared when I looked at the environment variable
through "env", and were invisible with "echo".


[starone:~] joe% echo $MANPATH
[starone:~] joe% env | grep -A2 MANPATH
[starone:~] joe% setenv MANPATH "{$MANPATH}:/extramanpage/man"
[starone:~] joe% echo $MANPATH
[starone:~] joe% env | grep -A2 MANPATH

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Curly brackets
Authored by: alunap on Oct 06, '01 06:32:50AM

The curly brackets are in the wrong place, it should be "${PATH}" and not "{$PATH}".

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What about bash!!!
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 04, '01 02:14:35PM

Is this relatively the same if you are running bash as your shell, or is there a reason that it needs to be in .cshrc?

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What about bash!!!
Authored by: Bart VdBroeck on Oct 05, '01 09:39:33AM
It should work like this for bash: add the line
export PATH="${PATH}:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/X11/bin"
to a file .bashrc in the root of your home directory. It will append the binary directories for X11 to your PATH-variable.

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darwinKeyboard.c Error
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 04, '01 05:44:14PM

I have a freshly installed copy of xfree86 installed by fink. I have tried this with the path in my .cshrc file and without it but get the same error. Any help? I have 10.1 on a dual Quicksilver G4 and a standard Apple keyboard.

Fatal server error:
assert failed on line 454 of darwinKeyboard.c!

Quitting XDarwin...

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darwinKeyboard.c Error
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 04, '01 05:55:48PM

I found the solution at:

You have to change a xDarwin preference to make it work.

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XFree86 paths via Fink
Authored by: serversurfer on Oct 04, '01 07:13:23PM
If you are using Fink, instead of adding the X11-path stuff to your .cshrc, add the lines:

# Link to Fink
source /.sw/bin/init.csh

If you are using bash, you should add the following to your .profile, instead:

# Link to Fink
source /.sw/bin/

These scripts add the PATH, MANPATH, and other components necessary to use all your finked software, including XFree86.

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Authored by: serversurfer on Oct 04, '01 08:20:39PM

I installed my copy of Fink in '/.sw' instead of the default '/sw' (so that the directory does not appear in the Finder). So just make sure you have the right path in YOUR call to 'init.csh'

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Problems?? Try new version
Authored by: eagle_eyes on Oct 06, '01 06:50:00PM

I was having problems getting things going even with the path additions. To fix them I had to install the newest XDarwin and then things seemed to work fine!

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Trouble with XDarwin?
Authored by: adrianu on Oct 06, '01 09:53:22PM

Anyone having problems with XDarwin might like to take a look at a couple of pages:

There may be something useful there for some, especially since the first one has links to a number of forums comtaining some knowledgeable and helpful people...

Hope that helps someone!

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