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DVD screen grabs in 10.1 Apps
[Editor's note: Tickingtimebomb contributed a tip on DVD screen grabs, which I wasn't able to test prior to posting. When I was able to test it, I had trouble replicating the results. In my haste to correct the tip, I chose to delete the posting and replaced it with the following. That was a mistake; I should have left the original posting in place and corrected the information. Sorry for the error in judgement, and credit for the following tip goes to Tickingtimebomb! -rob.]

It IS possible to take screenshots of DVD's, at least on some Macs. I was only successful when using SnapzPro for OS X and a bit of a contrived process on a machine with an NVidia GeForce3. I could not take snapshots on an ATI-equipped G4/350. If you've got an NVidia card, however, here's how it worked for me...

To take a DVD screenshot, launch the DVD player first, and find the image in the film you wish to capture. Pause the DVD player, and make sure the window is positioned such that no Finder windows will cover any portion of the image. Now activate the Finder and launch SnapzPro (even if it's already running) from your Applications folder. Once it's launched, immediately press the SnapzPro activation keys (shift-command-3 by default, but I switched them in 10.1 to shift-command-5). Do NOT click on the DVD player again, or you will have to re-launch SnapzPro. If you've done this right, the SnapzPro window capture menu will come up, and you can then capture a region or the whole screen, and the DVD output will be included.

This worked on the three movies I tried it on, but if anyone knows of an easier method, please let us know via the comments!
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Can't get that to work
Authored by: monsterjaeger on Oct 02, '01 11:43:47AM

I'm using X.1 (5G64) and SnapzPro and the trick you described would lead to the same old problems when capturing from DVD. MacOS X disables the screenshot key as soon as DVD Player is running. With your trick Im able to invoke Snapz Pro's capture routine. But the screenshot is a completely blank file. All captured screen space it white. Funny is the icon of the screenshotfile looks like a correct captured thumbnail, bu still has a black hole where the DVD image should be. Just like the one you get when capturing in MacOS 9. The DVDs I tried were "End of days" (Region Code 2) and even a self burned DVD (region Code 0, unencrypted). It's not cool not to be able to capture from DVDs I legally bought for personal use but it's terribly annoying that I can't get to the content I produced myself and certainly have the rights on...

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Authored by: robg on Oct 02, '01 01:30:46PM

I just tried on my G4/350 with an ATI PCI Rage Pro 128 ... and got exactly what you described. But at home last night (G4/733 with NVidia GeForce3), I took screenshots. It appears to have something to do with the video card drivers, I would guess (probably wrong, but that's my guess!).


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Can't get that to work
Authored by: brodie on Oct 08, '01 07:13:57AM

Are you taking screenshots or movie shots? i tried movie shots with 10.1final on G4 400 ATI, didn't get it to work either. in fact, snapz pro 1.0.0 makles everything 'drag' unbelievably.
if i play the movie saved the DVD running in the background appears 'through' the player window, even stranger.

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nVidia vs. ATI
Authored by: robg on Oct 08, '01 09:55:11AM

I was taking screenshots. I can confirm that it only appears to work on machines running nVidia cards - my G4/350 at work doesn't handle it correctly, nor does a friend's ATI machine. The G4 with the nVidia, though, works fine.

Some difference in either the hardware or the drivers, I guess.


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Sample shot at Ambrosia
Authored by: robg on Oct 23, '01 06:30:58PM
Just a quick FYI... Andrew Welch has posted a DVD screenshot (from Star Wars Episode 1) taken with SnapzProX on an NVidia machine. He's also confirmed that it's driver differences between the ATI and NVidia cards that allows the GeForce3 to grab images. -rob.

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