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Lazy man's Software Base Station Network
hey guys

I had seen the previous post on setting up a software base station via the terminal, but I couldn't get it to work for the life of me. I then saw this free ethernet router program called geeroute.

You simply install the program, and set the client machine with the correct name server on your network and set the router address as It worked with an ethernet network, so I wondered if it would work with airport.

So I just set up the Airport settings on my G4 with as the Airport IP (like they used on the Software Base Station) and set the subnet mask as Then I used as the router address on my Pismo. I gave the Pismo the IP address, set the subnet mask, and put in the name server.....and it WORKS!! You can have a software base station up and running in less than 5 minutes!
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Will this let your Mac work as a wireless client and basestation
Authored by: greggomer on Oct 02, '01 10:19:07PM

Great solution. One quick question for you, do you know if by using their software you can set up the MAC to be an Airport client, and a BaseStation?

Our set up, the airport doesn't reach the other side of the house. I have looked for a means to use a MAC as an Extra Base station as to extend the range, however, I can't do this, cause everytime I set it up, it can no longer recieve signal as a client. So there is no internet connection to route.

Thanks again for the great tip.


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Will this let your Mac work as a wireless client and basestation
Authored by: ktappe on Oct 09, '01 06:00:45PM

This did not work for me. I installed geeforce, and after rebooting nothing was different. I went and (again) chose "Create Network" from the airport widget in the menubar (why does it keep forgetting the networks I create?? This is the 4th or 5th time I've done this!), entered the settings (, etc.), and the airport network does appear to my Pismo. However:

1. As soon as I do this, Classic loses all access to AppleTalk.
2. The Pismo cannot access the internet or any other services using this new network.

Everyone who claims to have created a software base station under 10.1 conspicuously leaves out the details about how they did it. I'm strongly beginning to suspect that it hasn't actually been done.


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This works
Authored by: mine on Oct 09, '01 09:56:55PM

To setup a Software Basestation within every MacOS 10.x do these steps:

- Configure your Network Preferences (order of Active Network Ports)
- The Port you access the Internet (PPP, PPPoE or Ethernet in case you've running another router)
- "Aiport": IP-Adress, Subnet-Mask:, leave everything else empty

- Get the latest "gNAT" from
- Setup gNAT with the following parameters:
- subnet Mask:
- router adress:
- NAT Settings: check everything (you may leave out "Create Denial Logs")
- if your internet connections ip adress doesn't change: uncheck "dynamic IP binding"
- set "External Network Interface" to "Ethernet Card (en0)"
- set "Internal Network Interface" to "Airport Card (en1)"
- Start Internet Sharing

et viola - it works. Maybe you have to save the Network preferences to make them appear active (ould be a bug within 10.1)

The only thing remaining is: this will only route the ethernet or internet to the airport. But I haven't found any working config for routing PPPoE to the Airport AND to the Ethernet, whereby the DSL modem is on the same interface where the ethernet goes (modem (e) <- iMac (e & Air) -> iMac (e) & iBook (Air)).

If anyone could help me here...


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Easy and Efficient
Authored by: vigormortis on Mar 17, '02 01:39:18PM

I could not believe my eyes. I had tried everything. There are several tutorials on the web for a Software Airport Base Station on the web, but this is the only one that REALLY WORKS. Easy and efficient. Everyone with OSX and AirPort should try this.

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Nothing else worked
Authored by: MtnBiker on May 30, '02 01:48:44AM


but this worked for me. It doesn't seem to do anything that the others didn't, but I tried them without success.

But I still have to create a network periodically. Not sure what conditions I lose the network. I rebooted the server and that didn't always lose the network.

Glad when the official version is out. Soon if Rob's guess is right.

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Easy and Efficient-a Fix.
Authored by: MtnBiker on Aug 05, '02 02:31:34PM

This works well, but sometimes the laptop can't make an internet connection. The airport connection is made (according to the information in the menu bar).

I've found I have to change the IP address from to .3 to get it to work. Then that will fail after a while (day or whatever) and I change it back to .2 and it connects again.


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Official Software Base Station coming!
Authored by: robg on May 08, '02 12:19:12PM
Check out the Airport Software Base Station page at Apple. It describes the features of the Software Base Station, and then ends with this:
The AirPort software base station will be available in an upcoming software release.
The only question is does that mean Jaguar, or OS X 10.1.5? I'm guessing 10.1.5, as they didn't mention the base station as a Jaguar feature at any time yesterday. So we could have this in a matter of weeks, if the rumor mills are correct. This page was mentioned in the long thread about Jaguar, but I thought it merited a mention of its own... -rob.

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Official Software Base Station coming!
Authored by: MtnBiker on Jun 05, '02 06:39:26PM

Apparently not. Guess we have to wait for 10.2.

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It's In Jaguar
Authored by: nick2588 on Aug 11, '02 06:48:00PM
Yep, it's in Jaguar!
AirPort Software Base Station is at the very bottom under Networking Features

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this works great for me
Authored by: guppylegs on May 31, '02 02:11:59AM

sudo the following commands:

/usr/sbin/natd -dynamic -interface en0
/sbin/ipfw -f flush
/sbin/ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via en0
/sbin/ipfw add pass all from any to any

turn on airport and create a network using the
airport menu in the finder menubar, use it &

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