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Scroll arrows at both ends of scroll bars [10.1] System
OS 10.1 adds an option in the General prefs to have double-scroll arrows at the bottom of the scroll bar. Scott R. wrote in with a quick preferences hack to enable double-scroll arrows at BOTH ends of the scroll bars. If you'd like to enable this feature, simply start a terminal session and type:
defaults write "Apple Global Domain" AppleScrollBarVariant DoubleBoth
You then need to logout and login (or, perhaps, simply force quit the Finder) to see the effect ... but once you've done so, you should have double-scroll arrows at both ends of your scroll bars.

I'm not sure which combination of applications (Cocoa, Carbon, Java) this applies to, but it works for certain in the Finder and a couple of Carbon applications I quickly tested. To return to the normal mode, use:
defaults write "Apple Global Domain" AppleScrollBarVariant Single
(or you could just open the General pane in the System Prefs and check "At top and bottom") or
defaults write "Apple Global Domain" AppleScrollBarVariant DoubleMax
to put them together only at the bottom (again, this is equivalent to clicking "Together" in the General prefs panel for scroll arrows).
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Authored by: dodita on Sep 27, '01 08:55:05AM

It works!

but, how do you disable it again ?

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Authored by: robg on Sep 27, '01 09:40:50AM

Good catch - I added the options for back to normal to the hint -- the easiest way is to use the General system prefs checkbox, but you can do it from the terminal as well.


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didn't work for me...
Authored by: lestercat on Sep 29, '01 04:48:19PM

I tried 3 times, restarting the finder and/or logging out. I was looking forward to this, too - one of my favorites from OS 9... I'm using 10.1 from the free update from CD over 10.04, Firewire PB G3, mucho RAM.

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didn't work for me either...
Authored by: alajuela on Sep 30, '01 03:26:16AM

no soap here either

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Oops, now it does
Authored by: alajuela on Sep 30, '01 03:32:21AM

sorry, jumped the gun; this works just fine.

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Authored by: kidred on Sep 30, '01 04:55:13PM

You rock!

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Authored by: TeeGate on Nov 04, '01 08:39:21PM

The hack worked great. It also enabled the scroll wheel on my Logitech mouse in 10.1!!!!

Great hack.


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Not for iTunes
Authored by: Mark OBrien on Nov 09, '01 02:28:01PM

For some reason, this hack doesn't work in iTunes.

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Can't get it to work in 10.1.5
Authored by: insha on Jul 22, '02 01:19:23PM


I have recently upgraded the my OS to 10.1.5 from 10.1.3. This little, but amazing hack worked in 10.1.3 but now it doesn't work in 10.1.5. Can anyone help with this?

Thanks for all you help.

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The correct Syntax
Authored by: insha on Jul 23, '02 08:53:23PM

This is just a minor correction for this hint. The correct format of the string that needs to be typed in the Terminal window is as follows:

sudo defaults writes "Apple Global Domain" AppleScrollBarVariant "DoubleBoth"

Once you type the above line press return and you will be prompted for a password. Type in the admin/root password and press enter. You will have to quit any application that you are running and relaunch them along with relaunching the Finder (from the Apple Menu | Force Quit) for the changes to take. You can also restart or log out and log back in... but that's a little too much work... at least for me :)

Hope this helps.

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The correct Syntax
Authored by: Michael Wayne on Oct 03, '02 05:11:19AM

Can you tell me if this will work on 10.2.1. I have seen that Tinker Tool does this and more but I don't want all of TT on my system. Is this the same sequence as TT?
Michael in London

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The correct Syntax
Authored by: alajuela on Aug 10, '07 07:23:40AM

&uotactually, I think you meant "write; not "writes"

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Or just use TinkerTool
Authored by: alajuela on Oct 03, '02 12:51:58PM

it's been offering it forever.

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iPhoto 7.02 scrollbar defect from this hack
Authored by: jfaughnan on Aug 31, '07 08:29:46PM

I've had this hack enabled since 10.1, but in 10.4.10 with iPhoto 7.02 the scrollbar doesn't work correctly. It's probably the end of the road for this one, I think Leopard's scrollbars will work like those in iLife 2008.

John Faughnan

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