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10.1 upgrade versus 10.04 add-ons System

i'm eagerly awaiting the new update released today...but had a moment of panic. i've spent the last few months configuring (and thoroughly enjoying) apache (with many public and private sites), mysql, php, a new ftp server, etc etc...and crossing my fingers that these will still work with the update.

does anyone know if i will i have to reinstall and reconfig these? granted this would be a great test of my new skills if i did have to...


[Editor's note: Anyone installed a 10.1 upgrade over a customized system? I'm planning on installing on a newly emptied partition and then re-adding my custom pieces one at a time. From what I've read, much has changed at the deepest levels of the OS with this upgrade, and this may be the safest course of action. Any other thoughts?]
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Most things work
Authored by: orque on Sep 26, '01 02:03:21AM

I installed 10.1 yesterday and my custom installs of apache, php, and mysql all work. I had to comment out the hfs_apple module in my httpd.conf for apache to start though, has anyone else had this problem?

Also, 10.1 ROCKS!

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Most things work
Authored by: foniksonik on Sep 26, '01 03:26:41AM

My custom install of everything works so far... I've done quite a bit of compiling in the last few months... ;-) although I can no longer get GD or the Freetype libraries to compile... apache seems just fine, albeit w/o the HFS module. I hope the Developer Tools answer a few questions I have.

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Most things work
Authored by: ppmax on Sep 29, '01 06:51:45PM

well, i got it and most everything works. i noticed that sendmail isnt working anymore, and deleted my unix account from the list of accounts.

oh well--not bad for an upgrade! 10.1 is awesome. for anyone that hasnt explored the new keyboard system prefs, i strongly encourage you to check it out. now you can hit a key combo and access your menu commands, activate the doc, etc. very cool. seems like there is one control missing tho... to toggle between active windows. :) :)

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Most things work
Authored by: reverie on Nov 03, '01 11:02:08PM

Actually, you can switch between active windows! The key combo is Command-` (that's backtick, the upper-left key on the keyboard).

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Most things work
Authored by: ppmax on Oct 01, '01 11:42:05PM

im back to report that i had a weird problem during the boot process. during boot the computer would hang for a bout 5-10 mins during the "Starting Directory Services" portion. no matter what i did i couldnt resolve the problem. so i just backed up my data, wiped the drive, and reinstalled 10.0, all the updates, and then 10.1. sort of a pain, but i had monkeyed around with a ton of stuff...

anyways, the only bummer is that i seemed to forget to back up my mysql dbases...doh! so now im gonna have to go thru that mess again.

other than this, i havent had any probs. im really excited by 10.1 tho--its rock solid so far.

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Most things work
Authored by: ivan on Oct 03, '01 09:52:18AM

I upgraded from 10.0.4 to 10.1 this weekend. Everything pretty much works (mysql, php), but I have done all of the suggestions on how to get apache started but nothing has worked. In the httpd.conf I cannot find the hfs_apple module line to comment out. Most of the hints giving on varies websites like stepwise, seem to be for 10.1 install. Does anyone have hints for 10.1 upgrades? Please Help.


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Most things work
Authored by: FrederickFowles on Oct 03, '01 06:21:36PM

I cant get websharing to start up. I take it is the apache problem you had. Can you give me details of how to get this working. Apple support have been no help.


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"sudo" no longer gives full root access
Authored by: j0nathan on Oct 21, '01 06:05:44PM

I also installed over the top of a pretty customised installation (including PHP, mySQL). As with other comments, Apache failed to start. I attempted to edit httpd.conf using BBEdit opened via the command line using "sudo" (which has worked fine in 10.0.4). However, 10.1 refuses to give me root access to the file. It's the same with TextEdit, although functions that are limited to the command line seem to behave as expected with "sudo" (ie editing in emacs). Anyone else had the same?

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Authored by: j0nathan on Oct 31, '01 01:44:48PM

Thanks to jimr who elsewhere on the site points out that it's the security patch for 10.1 that prevents applications being opened with root privileges from the command line. The solution is to upgrade to BBEdit 6.5 which allows "unlocking" of system-owned files.

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hfs_apple module fix
Authored by: j0nathan on Oct 24, '01 11:34:45AM

Article 106505 from the Apple Knowledge base posts a fix for this. Basically, change the line:

LoadModule apple_hfs_module   libexec/httpd/

to read:

LoadModule hfs_apple_module   libexec/httpd/

in httpd.conf

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Most things work
Authored by: ths on Sep 26, '01 04:04:11PM


I had to comment this out, too, yes. So far I couldn't detect any problems with this change, though, my server and site work just fine, therefore I guess it's OK :-)

Other than that everything's great!

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Most things work
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 07, '01 12:25:01PM

That's actually not so good. You shouldn't disable the hfs module -- it's a security risk (and a fairly significant one).

The better solution is to replace /etc/httpd/httpd.conf with /etc/httpd/httpd.conf.default and reapply any changes you might have made to httpd.conf.

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Custom install nuked my DT
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 27, '01 03:40:04PM

Tried a custom of 10.1, and omitted all the non-english stuff. Install failed, and the next bootup resulted in a kernel panic. 10.1 refused to install, tried a reinstall of 10.0, but still panic'd on my next rebboot. Finally gave up and nuked the X partition, and started from scratch, which worked. Ran a normal install on my laptop, and everything has survived nicely...

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Authored by: scope on Oct 07, '01 01:51:55AM

From what I can tell, it got rid of my sendmail. I'm actually thankful for was becoming annoying.

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