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Installing OS X on Beige G3 Install
It's been alluded to, but never said outright. I'm hoping to save someone some time. When installing OS X on a PowerMac G3 All-in-one, make sure that your first partiton on the hard drive is no larger than 8gb. If it is larger, you won't be able to install OS X. I could actually boot from the OS X CD, but when it came time to choose the hard drive, it would not let me select the drive. I partitioned my 12gb hard drive into two partions, the first at 8gb, the second at 4gb, and VOILA, things worked great. Computer is not too bad for performance.

I spent almost 4 hours figuring this out, so I hope it saves someone some time.

[Editor: Although Apple has a technote on this, it's not entirely clear that OS X must not only reside on a partition that's on the first 8gb of the drive, but that the partition itself must be no larger than 8gb. There are some other tips here for dealing with early G3's; search on "Beige G3" for a couple of different articles...]
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Related problems with early iMacs
Authored by: lstewart on Sep 19, '01 06:04:23PM

It's not quite the same, but I discovered some related problems with early (revision A) iMacs, and they're not as well documented. So by way of information, hopefully this will help someone sometime...

Namely, all bootable partitions of rev.A iMacs must *start* within the first 8GB of the disk. Partitions can cross the 8GB boundary and still be bootable, but if a partition starts above 8GB, it will not boot (for OS X or Classic--nada).

Of course, this is only an issue if you have replaced the original 4GB drive in the rev. A. I put a 13GB hard drive in, and at various times I've had between 2 and 4 partitions on it. The above rule has always been true. Right now I have 2 partitions, a 7GB (OS X) + 6GB (classic), and both are bootable. When I had 4(classic) + 3(OSXS) + 3(LnxPPC) + 3, the first 3 partitions were bootable but the last was not.

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Related problems with early iMacs
Authored by: mzajac on Sep 25, '01 06:05:59PM
A similar problem affects same later iMacs too. In an iMac that came with an 8GB or smaller drive it seems the system has to be within the first 8GB. It may only affect Mac OS 9.x. A friend of mine had installed a large hard drive in his Lime iMac. It worked fine for months, but after doing a clean install of 9.1, his computer booted into Open Firmware with an error message. The solution was to reformat & partition the drive, and reinstall the system on the first 8GB partition. This is dealt with in Apple's Knowledge Base article #25249 'iMac: Gray or White Screen After Hard Drive Upgrade.'

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Installing OS X on Beige G3
Authored by: teknovision on Nov 04, '03 04:07:53PM

Now that Panther has arrived any hints on installing Panther on Beige G3s - mine's still got plenty of life!!

If you get a chance visit, XPostFacto (OS X.2 for non-supported macs):

In hope that they will be doing a Panther version soon.. . Cheerio,


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Installing OS X on Beige G3
Authored by: bluewax on Dec 18, '03 10:55:13PM

I must say that I am not a computer expert (far from it), but this cautionary tale that might help others trying to install OS 10 on a G3. I purchased Jaguar OS 10.2 knowing it would be a problem to install on my beige G3 minitower. It has a 266 mhz processor, 544 MB's of RAM and a video card in one PCI slot and a USB card in another. There are two hard drives; a 6.0 GB on the ATA bus and a 4.0 GB on the SCSI bus. I knew the video card would be a problem and Apple recommends that OS 10 be installed in a USB "native" machine. Because of these factors, I was prepared for the fact that my computer was on the cusp of not being OS 10 capable. Thus, I was pleasently surprised when the install went OK; there was a video blackout at about 28 minutes left in the installation, but the screen came back when the first disk was installed and the second disk went without a hitch. But, I had installed the software onto the SCSI drive; it was not the master drive. It worked fine for about three days and then, on startup, the computer could not find an operating system and I got that annoying circle with a slash through it. To make a long story short, I re-initiallized the drive and tried another install: the screen went blank at about 38 minutes left and the install stopped. I continued to try to re-install with decreasing returns. Re-initializing the drive just seemed to make it worse. I knew what I had to do. I bit the bullet and re-initialized the drive by zeroing the entire disk; twice. Then, I installed OS 9 onto the 4.0 GB disk. I did the same re-initialization to the 6.0 GB disk, partitioned the drive in two (3 GB each) and then installed OS 10 into one partition. The screen went blank at 19 minutes left, but the install continued and the screen blinked back when the second disk was asked for. After this the install was sucessful. The moral: it seems that you need as close to a virgin drive as possible in order to install OS 10 on a beige G3 minitower like mine. You also need to install it on the designated master drive, or change the jumpers on the drive you want to install it on. So far so good with the install; it's been going for three weeks. I hope this will help someone.

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Installing OS X on Beige G3
Authored by: marknallen on Jan 07, '04 08:31:56PM

I have been running OS X (10.2.6 at the moment) for quite some time on my Beige G3 with nary a problem, so I'm glad I didn't know about potential pitfalls. I am ready to upgrade to Panther, but perhaps that would not be a wise move.

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