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Mozilla 0.9.4 released Web Browsers
Although this is somewhat old news, I finally got around to downloading and installing the latest Mozilla build (0.9.4) for OS X. Overall, it's a very nice browser. They took care of my biggest complaint about prior releases -- the ability to shrink or grow the text on the page. There are some nice touches, too, like a contextual menu item for "Block images from this host" and the downloadable themes (I'm partial to modern right now, but there's also an "Aqua" available).

There's still a bug that makes Mozilla basically unusable for those on dual processor machines, but the good news is that the bugzilla bug tracking site shows that there is a patch ready for final test and incorporation into the build cycle -- so it shouldn't be too long before Mozilla works just fine on dual processor machines.

It's not perfect, but it renders pages quiclkly and accurately, and seems quite stable in my usage so far. Visit and download the 0.9.4 build if you want to check it out.
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Mozilla Bug - Don't Panic!
Authored by: scotty on Sep 18, '01 04:01:33PM

Hi Rob,

I had a problem with 0.9.4 that rendered my browser unusable:

If a navigator window is killed so that there are no other Mozilla
windows open, it is impossible to produce a new
navigator window using the 'new navigator window' menu command.

If Mozilla is shutdown and reopened, it remembers this state -
So a browser window may never be opened. I tried opening a copy of
Mozilla from a different location, but the same problem occurred.

Anyway this may not be very common, but it was an official bug that
the Mozilla team fixed impressively quickly. I downloaded nightly
build 2001091521 (which is often a game of Russian roulette) and
have found it to be very stable. This is a great browser.

If anybody has this problem, don't waste time trying to fix it
by reinstalling etc. (this doesn't work... once you break it
it's broken for good) - try a nightly build, and if that build
turns out to be sucky, wait a day and then
try another one - you'll get somethin' good in the end.

London, UK

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Very slow on my G4 450
Authored by: sjonke on Sep 20, '01 11:59:33AM

I just downloaded 0.9.4 and running under OS X 10.0.4 it's painfully slow, but then it is a beta and none-the-less is looking a bit more promising than it did in the past. Still, there is no getting around the fact that it doesn't integrate with OS X (or OS 9) and doesn't function on a basic level like OS X. Menus behave differently, etc, etc. I tried the OS X theme but like the OS 9 theme it just doesn't look entirely right and therefore looks weird. It does not work with the OS X keychain as far as I can tell, so I have to have two different collections of passwords. - that is extremely lame. Until they can find a way to REALLY integrate it with the particular OS it is run on (not just weakly faking it) it will remain an amusing aside and not much more.

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Quick on a G4/350...
Authored by: robg on Sep 20, '01 01:27:02PM

That's odd - on my G4/350 at work on 10.0.4, it's probably the quickest browser I use. How are you measuring slowness? I just tested it on loading a couple of sites that I've never visited before (to make sure nothing was cached), and compared it to both IE and OmniWeb -- Mozilla drew both sites two to three seconds faster than the others. A simple test, I know, but it's a start.

I also look at speed of going forward and backward from page to page, and Mozilla is quicker than anything else on my machine (except iCab, but it won't stay up long enough to use consistently).

Mozilla's definitely not perfect, but then again, neither are the others :-)


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Getting new nightly builds
Authored by: robg on Nov 12, '01 03:17:40PM
It appears that Mozilla recently switched from ".sit" installers for OS X to ".smi" disk images. Unfortunately, they didn't fix the link on I was surprised to find my latest "nighly" (which I've been getting from the link on the home page) had a build date of October 30th. A bit of rooting around in the download directory found the new URL for nightly builds - click here to download ...

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0.98 Mozilla - Wow!
Authored by: robg on Feb 05, '02 08:35:08AM
OK, so this is a comment to a really old announcement, but if you haven't tried Mozilla yet, the just-released 0.98 build is a good reason to do so. This version absolutely flies -- pages render incredibly quickly, and even "New Window", which used to take multiple-seconds is now no more than a second. Definitely worth the download time. They haven't linked the OS X version of 0.98 on the homepage yet, but it is linked (14.9mb disk image) on the releases page. -rob.

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