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Multihoming for mulitple network connections Network
I had a devil of a time getting my DSL, LAN, and LW 16/600 to work together on OS 10.0.4. Finally today, thanks to one of the geniuses at the VA Apple store, I have it all working and I thought I would pass along what I did for those suffering the same agony.

Read the rest if you'd like to learn how to have one device (Ethernet) configured to use multiple protocols at the same time...

I initially set up my DSL in the Network Preference Panel. I had made a location called DSL and set Configure: Built-in Ethernet. I went through and set the TCP/IP tab settings and the PPPoE tab settings according to my ISP's flavor. I noticed that when I checked the 'Connect using PPPoE' box that this automatically deactivated the AppleTalk tab. I tried to get the system to print to my 16/600 using LPR settings and nothing ever worked.

This is how things were solved. The Apple Genius pointed out to me that you can have not only Enet configured for a location in the Network control panel, but also Appletalk. To do this, go to the Configure: pull-down menu and select 'Advanced'. From this screen you can create multiple configurations of a port. Click on "New" to create a new configuration, give it a name in the drop-down window and select Port: Built-In Ethernet. Now you can go to this new configuration by selecting it in the Configure: menu and adjust the settings as necessary.

For me, I named this new configuration 'Appletalk' (go figure). In the TCP/IP panel I configured things manually: gave an internal IP Address (192.168.x.x) and a Subnet Mask: - YMMV. Make sure that your subnet mask is the same as the other computers and the LW on your network. Then I went to the AppleTalk panel and checked the 'Make AppleTalk Active' box.

Finally, I launched the Print Center Utility and clicked on the "Add Printer" button in the Printer List window. From the new drop down window, select 'Appletalk' from the 'Directory Services' drop down menu. Your networked printer should now appear.

I hope that this is of benefit to others! Learning to use multilink multihoming was the key for me.
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