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New tips and final thoughts on last week... Site News
I've posted a hint and a few help requests which came in over the weekend, and you may have noticed that the stock quote has been replaced with donation information for the Red Cross. This is the only lasting change you'll notice on the site regarding the events of last week, but I will be leaving it up for the forseeable future as a reminder of what has happened and the continuing need for assistance.

As for the comments regarding the picture I posted earlier...first, the photographer (Thomas E. Franklin) is on staff of The Record, and they have a larger image available, although it is still low-res. For higher resolution versions, you'd probably have to contact the paper directly.

As for the comment that political statements of any sort do not belong on this site, and that the image of the American flag being raised in the debris was, in fact, a staged political image ... the image is not staged. Read Thomas Franklin's first-person account of the image capture for yourself, but it was not a 'set shot' of any kind. Second, I am an American citizen, and that particular image grabbed at my heart strings and captured the essence of the American spirit. Yes, I'm aware of the relative importance of thinking globally and non-regionally, but there's no denying my heritage nor my feelings about the events of September 11th. I'm sorry if anyone found the image to be political, but I do not regret deciding to publish it.

Finally, this is not a political site, nor do I have any desire for it to become one, which is why I'm getting back to the business of posting hints and tips on using Mac OS X, while keeping the victims and their relatives in my thoughts. 10.1 is due out shortly, and with it, a whole slate of new and interesting things to work with ... watch this space for new hints and how-to's once 10.1 hits the streets!

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New tips and final thoughts on last week...
Authored by: doc on Sep 17, '01 04:34:26PM
rob -

You are to be commended for posting the picture. To those who would suggest it was can wrap yourself in your cynicism, I'm sure it will keep you warm.


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I agree
Authored by: Darkshadow on Sep 17, '01 07:36:12PM

I found the picture to be the same as you did. I didn't even notice that someone complained (which is probably good, or I would have argued about it).

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Authored by: Jay on Sep 18, '01 12:21:21PM
Was this supposed to be ignored? I thought it was very tactful and moving, Rob. Keep up the good work. The link to Franklin's account of the picture is actually

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