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How to uninstall UNIX packages UNIX
I was having problems with XFree86, where a window manager i installed caused the whole thing to go kablooey and I wanted to un-install it. After reading this site, I found that the standard way of uninstalling doesnt work because of a bug in the installer. Well, I got the installer to list the files that the .pkg included, and I saved it to a text file. I then opened it up and found that besides the first line of the document, every line contained the name of one file and its path.

Now, while I dont know UNIX or scripting, I do know that there are enough smart people out there to figure out how to write something that will take this file listing and delete them all....Maybe a piped rm thing or something? Any thoughts?

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you want pkg-remove
Authored by: mithras on Sep 17, '01 03:25:12PM
i haven't used pkg-remove, but remember seeing it somewhere... ...aha, here it is. Let us all know how it works:

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another way to remove a list of files
Authored by: bking on Sep 17, '01 05:18:45PM

While pkg-remove is probably the correct answer to this question,
you can remove a list of files by doing this:
'cat file_list | xargs rm'

Where 'file_list' is a file containing the names of the files to delete.
The filenames should be in the current directory or have a valid path.

you can test it like this:

touch foo1 foo2 foo3 foo4
ls -1 foo? > file_list
ls foo?
cat file_list
cat file_list | xargs rm
ls foo?

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just delete the directories
Authored by: midgetboss on Dec 08, '01 08:02:53PM

I looked around on the web for a solution, and I found that you can just delete the directories where XFree86 was installed (

sudo rm -r /usr/X11R6
sudo rm -r /etc/X11
sudo rm -r /Applications/

This will delete any other packages you've installed, so be careful.

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Use Fink
Authored by: adriaant on Sep 18, '01 12:07:13AM
Why not use Fink? The best stuff around to install and remove unix ports. Does not need anything more than a simple "fink install file" or "fink remove file". see Also described on the geek x-tips site

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