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Although some of America's icons may have been damaged in the terrorist attack of September 11th, our spirit is intact, as shown in this photo by Thomas E. Franklin (AP Photo/The Record). My thoughts go out to all those directly impacted by this tragedy, and to those working in critical public service roles -- firefighters, police officers, doctors and nurses, volunteers, etc. May you all be safe and successful with your respective assisgnments. has set up a Red Cross Donation Page, and they are waiving ALL their fees and giving 100% of the funds to the Red Cross. So far, they've collected in excess of $1,000,000. This is but one small way you can help with the relief efforts, even if you're not local to the affected areas.

In the now-trivial category of site-related information, I have emptied out the 'pending' queue from the last 36 hours. Due to a bug in Geeklog, these will not show as "new articles", but there is new stuff posted. Make sure you read the rest of the home page for all the new stories. After today, I will be out of town through Sunday evening without web access, which means that site updates will not return to a normal schedule until Monday the 17th.

Take care and be safe, and please, donate what you can (blood, money, supplies, time, thoughts) to help those who have been affected by the events of September 11th.

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horror / grief / sadness (nt)
Authored by: rusto on Sep 11, '01 02:32:57PM

what more could be said?

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Source of Picture
Authored by: sharumpe on Sep 13, '01 05:49:18PM

What is the source of the picture? Is it larger?
This is a great picture of the strength of America.
Patriotism amidst tragedy.

God bless America.

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say NO to terrorism
Authored by: msteiger on Sep 14, '01 06:21:30AM

Waving flags of whatever country is a symptom of the seed out of which hatred may grow; hatred is the basis of terrorism. (BTW: patriotism - what is that? And, what is it good for?)

God bless ALL human beings!

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say NO to terrorism
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 14, '01 11:31:49AM

waving flags=terrorism??

so America has been a terrorist state since the beginning? I don't think so!!

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Authored by: brodie on Sep 17, '01 11:34:50AM

Uh, i dont think this is the right place for political argument, one way or the other.
the flag shot is another faked shot used as propaganda for America, and i say this indifferently as a member of the western photographic press.
look at every war in which the americans have fought and you will see the almost exact same posed photograph, starting with the second world war in japan. this is an answer to the question, sorry i had to do it on software review/etc homepage.

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terrorisation = Absolute loser
Authored by: jtrascap on Sep 18, '01 03:26:35AM

I can't believe that you're from the "western press" when you write that Iwo Jima or this recent photo were "faked"...I think I smell a fake, and it's not with the photo.

Thanks for your input Tokyo Rose, but we know the truth in our hearts and eyes.

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terrorisation loser?
Authored by: toby_j on Sep 18, '01 06:50:07PM

Ouch...All flagged up I guess.

We are all disgusted by terrorism and particularly by Tuesday, but there
should always be room for alternative views...I think you should vent
your anger elsewhere.

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Re: Source of Picture
Authored by: saint.duo on Sep 15, '01 12:41:21PM

The picture is of firemen putting up a flag admist the rubble in New York..

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Re: Source of Picture
Authored by: castellan on Sep 17, '01 01:56:59PM

Actually, I think the request is for the source URL of the image. I, too, have been looking for this image, and have not found it. I would be interested in a link to a higher resolution version than is on this site.

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