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Monitor connected FTP users Network
Hi there,

I'm using the built-in ftp server. Is there any way to monitor which users are logged in and what there are doing (in realtime)? Looking forward to your response.

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ftp logins via terminal
Authored by: victory on Sep 03, '01 01:42:52AM
First off, I don't have a definitive answer for you, but here's a few thoughts until someone more knowledgeable comes along. I should add all the following comments apply to using the terminal. Maybe soon someone will write a nice GUI-based app to waikWbU0s... - A lot of ftpd daemons don't really log all aspects of user activity all that well. For instance, it is possible to get a list of who logged in/out and when, but I guess it's generally considered bad form to spy on what files your users are sending/receiving. - There *is* a rotating logfile (/var/log/ftp.log) that ostensibly tracks FTP user activity. But before you rush to run and have it watch this file or open a terminal window and leave it running with 'tail -f /var/log/ftp.log' I should add that: 1. It appears to just extract login/logout info from the /var/log/wtmp file. So at most you'll get the user and host names of your FTP 'guests' and when they logged in and out. 2. This file doesn't appear to be updated realtime. Actually I suspect it's just updated (daily?) by a periodic housekeeping cron job that merely parses the aforementioned wtmp file. - If you're up to it, you might install a replacement FTP server like profptd ( which *does* log all sorts of stuff (who is on, what files they transferred, etc). However I would skip this unless you're comfortable with compiling apps under Unix (or just wait for some kind person to pre-build/port it to OSX) - And finally, a partial solution for now -- open a terminal and try:
who /var/log/wtmp | grep "ftp"
or maybe
who /var/log/wtmp | grep "ftp" | tail -n 20
if you have lots of visitors. At the very least it will show you who logged in and out recently. The downside is that unless you write a shell script or something it won't loop/repeat automatically. (Use the cursor-up key to repeat)

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ftp logins via terminal
Authored by: Iceberg on Sep 03, '01 11:45:54AM
To see what someone is doing while logged in to your FTP server (not just the login info) you need to change a line in your /etc/inetd.conf file.

The line to change:

ftp     stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/tcpd               ftpd -ll

Notice the "-ll" at the end, that's the only thing you need to add. This tells the ftp server to log more information. You can then use the Console app to monitor the log file in real time.

Hope this helps.

- Iceberg

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ftp logins via terminal
Authored by: maciana on Sep 03, '01 03:40:23PM

thanks for the hints - I basically need it to see if someone is connected and at what speed they are downloading/uploading. (i know that crush ftp is a good tool but i don't really need that much... i prefer learning a bit about unix rather than spending money for the easy way ;-) )

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ftp (or AppleShare) logins via terminal
Authored by: rusty on Sep 05, '01 10:55:36AM

Slightly offtopic...

Anyone figured out how to do any realtime logging of AppleFileServer connections? There is a logging option in NetInfo for AppleFileServer, and a /Library/Logs/AppleFileService/ directory is present on my drive, but no logging (except some very barebones error logging) seems to take place.

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