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Mac OS 9.2.1 update available online System
Apple has quietly released the OS 9.2.1 update. It's available now on the Mac OS X home page - look for the "Classic Update" link on the right-hand side of the page. It's an 82mb file, and both one-piece and multi-part downloads are available. It does not show up (yet?) on Software Update.

Important: From the online Read Me file:

"You can install this version of Mac OS 9.2 on any of the following computers: Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook G4, PowerBook G3 (except the original PowerBook G3), iMac, and iBook."

In other words, OS 9.2.1 can only be installed on machines that are capable of supporting OS X. The Read Me contains no information detailing what's been changed, other than offering "improved Classic compatability."
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Mac OS 9.2.1 update available online | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Jay on Aug 21, '01 06:32:03PM
Classic boots much more quickly on my Yosemite with 9.2.1 than before. It now takes ~35-40 seconds. Application launching doesn't seem much faster, though, I've only tried Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Entourage.

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can't install
Authored by: brodie on Aug 23, '01 09:15:37AM

i can't install it, i followed the readme to the letter and i cant get it to install, it attempts it and then says it cannot overwrite my version of 9.1, recommends i perform a clean install. i tried booting up from my install disk, turning off all extensions, nothing. any ideas? i dont want to install from os x as it doesn't recommend it. if i find out i'll post it back as i know its not just my mac.

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Authored by: brodie on Aug 23, '01 10:29:56AM

Before you download 9.2.1 find out which version of 9.1 you are running, as if you do not get the same 'localized' version, you will not be able to upgrade. this is why i and many others kept getting the error message 'wrong localized version 9.1' or whatever it was. it would be a good idea if apple warned you about this before giving you the option to download. LOOK IN YOUR SYSTEM PROFILER TO FIND WHICH VERSION YOU ARE RUNNING. IT WILL SAY NEXT TO THE OS 9.1 TOP LEFT CORNER.

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Which versions work?
Authored by: zzen on Aug 23, '01 04:57:30PM

OK, thanks for the warning -- wich versions DO work? I suppose the US version.
Does the International (Z-series) version work, too? Does this unability apply only
to localized versions?

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Which versions work?
Authored by: brodie on Aug 23, '01 06:14:55PM

all versions work as far as i know ( i have the international running) you just have to make sure you have the corresponding update. ie if you have int english 9.1 running, download the int english version 83.1mb. if you have the american english then DL the american english version 82mb. otherwise you get the 'localized' error message. also, im not sure if you can install OS X from 9.2, a friend of mine just tried it a number of ways and cant, maybe he's doing something wrong but you'd think it was pretty foolproof. but then mac gave no warning about this upgrade.

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9.2.1 crash on statup
Authored by: crisrys on Aug 25, '01 01:28:35PM

I installed 9.2.1 on top of 9.1 on a beige g3 desktop mac.
Now I get a crash on boot (PrefRestoreInit error type 1010).
And when launching classic from OS X, same error.


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re: 9.2.1 crash on statup (fixed)
Authored by: crisrys on Aug 25, '01 02:29:57PM

I reinstalled a clean Mac OS 9.1, rebooted, installed the Mac OS 9.2.1 update, rebooted, and now it starts up fine both as the startup disk, and from within Mac OS X.


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AppleScript crash
Authored by: vivekb on Aug 28, '01 04:37:27PM

I installed 9.2.1 on my powerbook firewire, and the machine freezes when i try to use the applescript editor.

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