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Apps won't launch System
A few days ago I noticed a small problem with my OS X installation on my Beige G3 266 desktop... iTunes simply will not launch!

I don't know if anyone else has had a problem with their applications not launching, but I've tried a few remedies. I trashed all iTunes preferences, gotten rid of the "Music Library File" and reinstalled iTunes from scratch. All to no avail.

I have compared permissions to other OS X machines and those and everything else seems to be identical. Thus it seems to be some sort of problem besides iTunes.

Anyway, has anyone else had issues with any applications not launching? The specific symptom is that the dock icon will bounce once and then cease to do anything.

Thanks for any help!
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Mac OS X Hints -
Authored by: wallyfoo on Aug 22, '01 01:58:58PM

I had an issue similar with different apps.

Do you have any other extraneous processes running (user launched apps as opposed to system daemons and such) when you're launching iTunes? Often apps will die after a hop when I have, say, Classic running or IE or whatever.

Long story short: could be a conflict. try launching iTunes first thing after you log out and back in.

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iTunes 1.1.1
Authored by: cardmagic on Aug 22, '01 06:33:52PM

Hi, I had this problem too, the only fix that I found however was to reinstall iTunes 1.1 (not 1.1.1)


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I had the same
Authored by: olly73 on Aug 23, '01 02:23:20AM

I had the same on my pismo. Itunes couldn't launch and started freezing.
I got Norton anti-virus evaluation for osX and scan the disk for viruses and it found some corrupted files that it couldn't scan for. These files were realted to itunes. So I just deleted them and it then worked fine. BTW, I re-installed itunes several times before trying this and the disk utility from Apple couldn't detect anything wrong.

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FIle system corruption
Authored by: camyers on Aug 24, '01 02:28:48AM

I've had problems occasionally with apps not starting. I assumed it was a case of file system corruption. Using a hint which I think I got here at Mac OS X hints, I used the terminal command:

sudo /sbin/shutdown now

to get to single user mode then ran the file system check:

fsck -y

repeating until it said the file system was OK then:


to restart the machine (for all I know restarting the machine may have fixed the problem).

In a few cases the fsck command would not complete properly. In these cases I restarted in OS 9.1 and ran Norton Disk Doctor then switched back to Mac OS X . I'm not into UNIX enough to know if this is a bad use of the file system check instruction but it seems to work for me.

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try the command line
Authored by: larkost on Aug 24, '01 12:42:27PM

You can usually get a bit more information about what is going on in a program crash like this by launching it from the command line. In this case the command would be:


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Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 10, '02 04:29:30PM

Same problem with my iBook RevA, i have removed all itunes files and reinstalled with same problem.

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