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Outside access to local Apahce server Network
I am attempting to serve a site off my home machine (a G3 w/cable modem connection). I successfuly (I thought!) installed Apache-PHP-MySQL using the hints on this site. I have been happily coding PHP pages, creating and using MySQL databases, etc., and everything works like a charm when I view locally.

However, no one can seem to access the site from outside. Specifically, I have pointed (via a free domain hosting service) to my IP address; the redirection works, but then the browser hangs at "Connecting to [IP address]..."

This is mysterious to me because:

1) When I view the site "locally", I do NOT use, but rather the IP address assigned by my ISP (this is assigned using "DHCP" but does not change; I've checked numerous times). I thought this meant my request would go out over the internet and "re-enter" my box from the outside, but apparently not...

2) I KNOW I was able to access the site from outside in the past, and don't know what has changed in the meantime!

I've tried serving from /Library/WebServer/Documents as well as Users/pwebster/Sites and neither seems to work. I even messed around with various settings in httpd.conf, including Port, Listen, etc., thinking it was my ISP blocking Port 80, but to no avail. Ditto with pwebster.conf, .htaccess files, etc.

Anyone had this problem and/or have suggestions as to a fix? This is driving me absolutely crazy! Thanks in advance...
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no http access
Authored by: robh on Aug 22, '01 01:45:37PM

Does your ISP block port 80 ? Some ISPs do.

Do you have a firewall blocking access ?
type "sudo ipfw list" to see.

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Mac OS X Hints -
Authored by: kuribo on Aug 22, '01 02:17:39PM

I've had a similar problem. When I open up the sharing control panel, it claims to have an entirely different IP than the network panel. The network panel IP works for ssh and ftp, but apache only responds to the one in the sharing panel, which I think, can't be accessed by the outside world.

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Re: Outside access to local Apahce server?
Authored by: Elander on Aug 22, '01 03:46:58PM

Well, something seems amiss. I tried connecting to your site, and saw this IP# in the statusbar:
When I tried dig to find your IP# in Network Utility, I got this IP# instead:

When trying to connect to "" I ended up at "".

To me that looks like a misconfigured nameserver somewhere along the way. You might not have done anything wrong at your end. I suggest that you talk to the people who pointed to your site, and your ISP. One or possibly both of them are probably the culprit(s).

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Re: Outside access...update
Authored by: Elander on Aug 22, '01 04:16:44PM

I've tried to do a port scan of the ports 75 through 85 on the IP# I got when trying to reach you via "". Result: nada. Zip. No reply whatsoever.

Pinging gives very normal results.

If you don't have a firewall, and your ISP isn't blocking ports, and if the IP# given by the nameserver to my web browser is correct, and your Apache server is up and running, then something is really wrong.

Have you checked that you really have the IP# that you should, in both Network panel and the Sharing panel? I've noticed that they sometimes differ, especially if you reconfigure the Network settings while Sharing is on. A restart will fix that (sometimes it is enough just to turn sharing off and on).

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Re: Outside access...update
Authored by: iolaire on Aug 24, '01 09:13:06PM

One way you can test it from home is by using a proxy service such as to load the page from your home computer. The safeweb site pulls the data from a web server and forwards it back to you. This is also good for testing counters and such where you need an unique IP.

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Using @Home?
Authored by: sharumpe on Sep 04, '01 03:27:44PM

If you're on @Home's network, they're now (As of a few weeks ago) blocking port 80 to outside traffic. You can get the site, others on @Home may be able to, but no one outside @Home's network can do so. This is because of the CodeRed worm, they say.

Oh well, the user agreement said it was not allowed (I had one for a while, too). The guy I talked to told me that it was "illegal" to host a server on my connection. After a bit of time trying to explain the distinction between "not allowed" and "illegal", I gave up and moved my server.

Mr. Sharumpe

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Outside access to local Apahce server
Authored by: pslambe on Dec 07, '03 09:37:25PM
I am NOT an expert at this, but I have gone through the same hassles with Apache, PHP, mySQL. I too have broadband access through a netgear router. My ISP (Optus) specifically prohibits web servers on home machines but I just wanted to get on the learning curve. After repeated problems I rang my ISP to be told that they block port 80 (and 8080 I think), use DHCP, AND use transparent proxies. I think its probably the latter which is giving you grief because basically whatever your Mac or PC reports as your IP address has been spoofed. At least that is what I understand to be occurring.


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